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  1. I've already switch GR for JO so I'll probely swith GR2 for eeeeh... JO2. Seriously speaking, I'm pretty sure GR2 will blow but weather the MP will be enjoyable or not, I'll have to wait and see. Maybe its not gone be the tactical gamestyle that I relly enjoyed in GR, but it'll might still be fun to play. JO isn't actually tactical either. There are also other games I'm waiting for, top of that list is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. However, the official word is that coop won't make the full release but maybe be released later as a addon or in a expansion pack. Nevertheless, it was the SP part of the ga
  2. Or use http://www.imageshack.us/.
  3. You should never say never, but it is highly unlikely that I'll do that.
  4. Goodbye Ghost Recon, I am uninstalling you today. You have been a good and trustworthy friend and you have given me many good times over the years. But I can no longer pretend that its fun to play anymore. You can only get so much out from a game and you have given me all. I know you inside out and even though you have given me so much over the years (new friends, excellent mods, maps and missions) there is time for me to go. All good things must sooner or later come to an end and now is the time for me to say goodbye. I am moving on to other games and even though some of them haven’t be
  5. You mean that hansome sexy guy? Oh yeah.
  6. all is working fine now, my ISP have fixed whatever problem they have. Now if you will excuse me I have some downloading to do.
  7. To be honest, not more the $1. She wasn't that good looking.
  8. I got a reply from the lady (which I never thought I would) and she was very sorry and made a sincer aplogoy. I replyed and told her that it was ok, me and my wife had a good laugh (at the situation, not the pictures) and that the pictures was deleted. Which they arn't but I have no entention in spreading them around. Unless the price is right...
  9. True story. Today I got a mail to my "spam adress", the one that I'm not so carefull with. (john.andersson@home.se). Someone named Peppe asked if I wanted to have a beer this weekend and he called me Johnny in the email. I was confused for a second since my gaming name is Johnny but I soon realised that it was a mistake. I contacted him and told him so. Only a few hours later I got a email back saying that Johnny had just resently got a new email and that he must have given him the wrong one (misspelled or somehting). He thanked me for pointing that out to him. 30 minutes ago I got a new
  10. Problem solved. Sort of anyway. Since I had the same problems on both my machines with different OS, with and without router, with and without firewall and with three different browser, I started thinking: What does my computers have in common? My connection, my ISP. I gave them a call and to my surprise they told me I was the second caller that day that had the exact same problem with the exact same websites (all "planet" sites and Gamespy). They where a bit baffled but was working on it. Now I can relax a bit when I know the problems is out of my hands.
  11. Nothing. I like cats, thats all.
  12. Here is my current. http://hem.bredband.net/john_andersson/maydesktop3.jpg Here are my two previous: http://hem.bredband.net/john_andersson/maydesktop1.jpg http://hem.bredband.net/john_andersson/maydesktop2.jpg
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