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  1. WOW! Great missions! Way to go DWilliams11 ! I'm also experiencing low FPS and I have a 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 with 512 MB of RAM and a GForce 2 (64 Mb). Mission 2 was tough! I had to use the specialist to make it easier when engagin in in-door fire fighting. Now I'm playing mission 3. Recon is tough also. But so far I am delighted with the missions! Thanks and keep up the good modding! Best, G-Man.
  2. You install their 3D converted box between your video card and the monitor. Then either you plugin the 3D glasses in the 3D converter box if you have wired glasses. Otherwise you're set! I'll see if I can find out more about the reticle issue. I'll keep you guys posted. G-Man.
  3. Hi everybody, I'm not sure if you've run into this bug. But every now and then when I'm in the woods I find that I, or one of the team members of my squad, get literaly stuck next to a tree. I try to move, crawl, or run away from the tree in any possible direction with no luck! At that point I'm forced to quit and restart the mission. Have you seen or expereinced this too? To your knowledge, is this a kown bug or should it be reported? Thanks everybody. Best, G-Man.
  4. There's a thread on that topic I initiated recently. Good tps and feedback were given. To read it follow this hyperlink: 3D Glasses for GR. I hope this helps. Have fun! Best, G-Man.
  5. I agree with the shoot-and-relocate tactic. It's almost a must if you don't want to get fired upon from every single enemy around from all possible angles. About silent rifles, and this also goes for a silent pistol when it comes down to taking out foes at close range, is that the power of the weapon is diminished and it usually requires multiple shots to bring foes down. Head shots are the safest yet not 100% effective. I've posted in previous threads that I have shot enemies in the head/neck area and the guys not only can survive, they hide and take you down at the first opportunity they have! I'm just trying mods now that I have finished GR/DS/IT in single-player ELITE level. Perhaps I sould try a multiplayer server and experience GR playing agains humans. Wanna try GR and put your skills and nipers to the test? Try the "New-Cold-War" mission mode for single player. It's pretty hard. It works with patch 1.4. My 2 cents. Have fun! Best, G-Man.
  6. Hi CyanideCocktail, What kind of system were you usuing at the time (CPU speed, RAM, video card)? Thanks. G-Man.
  7. I agree 100% with this. The enemy AI MUST be addressed. Perhpas one way to approach this issue is by setting response time and accuracy based on ranges and skill. For instance, GR2 could have militia/rebels with professional advisors or mercenaries. Imagine a mission in Central America in the 80s and you go to take aout a rebel camp where you can find local guerrillas with soviet or cuban advisors and other international mercenaries. Each one would have a different skill level covering alertness, firing accuracy, etc. I know some of you are not in favor of air stirkes, but how about you having to "paint" with a laser a target and then request either artillery/gunship attack or a jet fighter or bomber drop a smart bomb? Try to do this under fire, that would be tough to pull off. I wonder if it could also be possible to have to use a metal detector to go though a mined field. Also, imagine to have to supress enemy air support like shooting and repelling low-flying choppers. The rest of the suggestions placed so far, they are all great! My 2 cents. G-Man.
  8. Hit F2 before opening the command map it is a reflex for me this way the AI takes over and you don`t have to worry about getting shot while giving orders. Also one thing i found hit the Space bar to lineup your body try it. I thought F2 was only to switch view mode. I will check it out, including the TAB tip. I've found that in trying to select a particular soldier you can get greased and that is very upseting! You would expect your squad to be alert at all times, particularly when you're trying to select a soldier. G-Man.
  9. Killa_N_Manila, I think I read/heard somewhere that one problem with 3D glasses was that the reticle was not in 3D and that made a bit difficult to use the 3D glasses with GR. Any chance you could ask your friends about this? Thanks in advance. Best, G-Man. sure, I'll ask 'em tomorrow if I can get in touch with em... Killa_N_Manila,, Did you ever hear from your friends about using 3D glasses with GR? Thanks. Best, G-Man.
  10. I'm back. Been busy at work. Anyways, I've been using the snipers 80/20 for god/recon. I've had the chance to shoot foes with a pistol at close range. My biggest gripe about it is that if I use a silenced gun I can shoot a guy up to 5 times and the guy just won't die! What's up with that? I just finished DS in Elite level and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Now, IT is another story. So far I think I'm overusing the sniper since at times I can take out a group o more than 4 foes myself. To be honest, sometimes it feels like if I was cheating. Once I finish IT I will try to play GR//IT using the AI be the sniper using him 80/20 for recon/god to see how difficult the game turns out to be this way. I'm sure the dynamics and strategies will not be the same I've been using so far. My 2 cents. Best, G-Man.
  11. That's a possibility. But I imagine there is already insulating material that would make very difficult to detect a body heat signature. My 2 cents. G-Man.
  12. WOW!!!! What's the name of that thing????? Who makes it???
  13. So far I only know of 3 products for 3D glasses: 1) eDimensional 2) X3D and 3) X3D World It would be interesting if we could get feedback on how these 3 products work with GR and put a summary to compare them to each other. Look forward to reading your replies. Thanks. Best, G-Man.
  14. You have to take the long way, going west, then north, kill 3-4 foes, then head east towards the house where the UN soldiers are. Then when I saw the enemy I launched several granades, took out mostly all the ones in the open shooting at the UN soldiers, then finished off the ramaining enemies in the vecinity to secure the area. Have fun! G-Man.
  15. Apollo, How fast is your CPU? I have a P4 1.6 Ghz and a 64-Mb GeForce 2. I don't think the vendor will accept back the glasses only because a game performs poorly with the 3D glasses. They could argue that their product works and that would be difficult to argue against. Thanks for your help. Best, G-Man.
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