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  1. Yeah but that doesn't clean my computer from the iinstallation - I want get the job not just clean some extra space on my drive.
  2. When I uninstall it if freezes here: Can you please help me?
  3. Thank you for your help. 1. Another question, is there a live community for this game? Cause it has been 3 years, are there a lot of people playing online? 2. Last thing, what's the game's type in terms of multi player? Is it like Battlefield where you have 40 people on the server? Or more like America's Army where you have like about 16 vs 16?
  4. Hi guys, I downloaded the demo version to try the game out and when I tried to update the server list nothing happened. Is it ports? What should I do? PS BF2 and America's Army 2 work just fine in finding online games. Thank you.
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