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  1. Ooh, no. Thanks for the tip off. Downloading now...
  2. This thread looks like the most sensible one to post on. I haven't been on here for some time now, and haven't had GR installed for a couple of years, but put that right last week. The GR trilogy is now back on my desktop and I restarted the Frostbite campaign. With graphics settings pumped up to the max, it felt brill playing it again. I just wanted to say thanks again to El Oso and all the modders who helped make GR the best PC game I've ever played. You all raised the bar for each other, and enabled me to continue enjoying the game years after I would normally have binned it!
  3. I still check the forums every few months. I love GR and have downloaded a couple of campaign mods today that I'll have a go at over the weekend. GRAW was such a let down for me - but I'm going to reinstall GR and plough through some mods again. Hope everyone is well.
  4. Hey - they given you your job back old geezer? Hope so. we just had the Rover works shut down where I work. 5000 people without jobs ( Hope all is well - and if anyone else stumbles on this then please do visit my website www.team-mongolian-job.com and get sponsoring. I spoke to my local football club Aston Villa today, and they're donating shirts for me to hand out to poor kids on the way.
  5. Glad to hear its only temporary Old Geezer. If you do manage to donate - (which would be most generous and massively appreciated) - then be sure to send us a message too - we can put it on the website. I said I'd get back to you about what the money we raise actually achieves in real terms...and it is broadly as follows: A whole cow (and they're obviously sent whole!) costs 750 GBP But there's cheaper livestock too: Pigs cost 80 GBP each 2 goats cost 125 GBP 70 hens and a cockrel only cost 60 GBP 100 Fruit tree saplings costs 30 GBP A beehive costs 40 GBP So if we raise just over 1000 GBP we are basically fully stocking out a farm for a community which will then be able to sustain and grow itself.
  6. @ Old Geezer - the start list has 83 cars on it at present. A few will probably drop out before we start - but it promises to be quite a good field! All the cars are less than 1 litre engines too - so just a load of scrap cars racing across the globe!
  7. Hi - sorry to bump my own post (something i don't normally agree with) But - since this is all for charity i'm hoping to raise a bit of interest! Come on guys - I'm going to be driving through Tbilisi - home of GR1 - and also through Europe, Russia and the best part of Central and Eastern Asia! Lets have your good luck messages and contact details of all the rich millionaires you know Otherwise -happy easter to you all.
  8. I thought I would use this forum to tell fellow GR fans about a massive charity drive I'm doing with a mate this summer. It basically involves driving a clapped out Fiat Panda from London to Mongolia, via Moscow and Uzbekistan - a journey of just under 10,000 miles. We go through Lithuania - setting of much of GR!!!! I have no mechanical expertise, and am not allowed any kind of support team or backup. There is a website dedicated to our efforts - Team Mongolian Job Hope you enjoy the read - if anyone fancies sponsoring us it would be brilliant - you can do so through the website. Also, if you have any business contacts that might be interested in sponsoring the car (and hence getting sticker space on the car) - then please let them know about it. For the price of a local newspaper ad - they can have stickers on the car and get plugged in any press interviews we do. Moderators - hope its ok to publicise this? All proceeds are going to registered Charity 'Send a Cow' - which provides high-yield livestock to poor communities in Africa.
  9. Sadly I've been had as well. I was waiting patiently for the PC version to be released when some kind soul bought me the PS2 version for Xmas. I was actually quite excited and tried it straight away - but NOOOOOOOO. I've not even got through the first level. It is awful. For a start, my experience of GR is one of control and stealth. Using PS2 controls it is impossible to target accurately and quickly, meaning that the firefights are just pathetic random attempts to line up the crosshairs. Its an exercise in frustration. The graphics are cartoony and poor and its just not compelling. I'm off to sell my copy of it on ebay - hopefully to no-one on here. I pity the person who buys it from me!
  10. After 2-3 years of solidly playing Ghost Recon, I finally grew tired of it this spring. With great anticipation I bought Raven Shield and Athena sword, in the hope that new environments, better graphics and similarly good game-play would satisfy my gaming needs. But it just hasn’t worked. I keep reaching for F6 in game….then I hit the SHIFT key hoping to set some strategic waypoints for my teams…..but…hey…I can’t. So its with a sense of defeat that I’m now listing RS and AS on ebay instead of GR as I expected. I loaded up Operation Restore Justice, or is it Operation Stabilise?? Whatever, I loaded it up and found what I’d been missing. Ghost Recon is best. My advice for anyone tiring of it, is to go play Raven Shield – it’s a beautiful game, but just not in the same league as GR.
  11. herbie, I had the same trouble. There are no known problems with this - and El Oso's link shows you the approx area where to find the intel. I literally walked around for 30 mins on the first go and couldn't find it. Just try restarting the mission (after all its worth it - one of my favourite GR missions EVER) and you should find the intel easier to find. I have a sneaky suspicion that just every now and again, the random placement of intel puts it in an 'impossible to reach' area. Great mission though, and great great mod.
  12. dammit - was enjoying watching people making fools of themselves!
  13. Good on you for working on this Militiaman. I'm really looking forward to some new missions, and I totally appreciate the importance of a good script and storyline. I'm very bored of the firefight style missions that you described earlier in the thread. Good luck.
  14. You might have to be a bit more specific with your question. Do you mean you are struggling to get modded missions to play in the game? If so, then make sure you 'activate' the mod in the 'options' section - then the missions should either appear in the quick mission menu - or if its a campaign, be sure to select the right one from the list presented when you click 'start new campaign'. Hope that helps.
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