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  1. Aight, so this really doesn't have anything to do with GR, but it does have something to do with sniping... hopefully you'll find this cool.

    For a long time, I've wanted some sort of sniper rifle. Something that could allow me to simulate the experience of being a sniper. Last week, my dream came true.

    My father and I took a trip to a sporting goods store. We walked straight back to the guns and began perusing the options. My dad insisted that we were just looking. Being a minor, I can't legally own an actual gun. So we asked the guy for the closest thing.

    We walked down the row towards the pellet guns, and immediately, 1 rifle caught my eye. It was a black stock rifle with a black steel barrel. My dad looked at me, and, knowing my likes, said, "The black one, right?"


    The guy handed it to me, and I lined up the red on green fiber-optic sights, weighing the gun in my hands, falling more in love every second. It was a single shot, breach loading rifle(where the barrel meets the stock) which doubled as the cocking mechanism. With a single "pump", the gun built up enough power to fire a .177 caliber pellet at 1000 FPS (most Daisy BB guns fire at about 230, for referential purposes).

    I reluctently handed the gun back. My dad asked me, "You like it?".

    "What do you think, dad?"

    And then he reached for his wallet. :D:D:D

    We also bought a scope for it. A Bushnell 4-9x32mm with a light up reticule.


    My pretty gun (different scope though)

  2. Good job, and good story. I only have 1 comment: if the guy was wearing a helmet, why in :ph34r: 's name did you shoot him in the head? I woulda gone either neck or upper torso... Oh well. It's late now, and I'm in no mood to convert an experience to a story, but I'll post one soon. Latah.

  3. Hey. This is my first post, and I figured I'd try to make it a good one. This took place at a LAN party my friends had on Saturday. It's in first person. Hope you enjoy:

    It had been nearly an hour since the rest of the platoon had disappeared into the haze. The rain drizzled on and visibilty was low. From my clifftop perch, I could see barely past the river, and I knew that beyond that point was enemy territory.

    I had been frequently checking my watch. This should have been a routine recon mission, in and out, no sweat. But it had been a long time... too long.

    Soaked from head to toe, I began to crawl forward slightly, hoping to get a better vantage point. Suddenly, a prone figure crawled from the haze. I pulled out my SVD and zoomed in, lining the target up in my crosshairs. I slowly began to squeeze the trigger, then saw the face of my platoon leader, Wilson. I sigh of relief washed over me before realizing that this didn't seem right. I looked him over with my scope and saw a bloody spot on his leg and left side. He was hurt bad.

    He looked up at me towards my position and gave a few hand signals. Tangoes, 6 o'clock. He crawled down into the river and lay motionless. Was he dead? No time to worry about that now...

    Just as I readied my rifle, 2 figures came out of the haze and stopped. One started making a patrol, the other pulled out a pair of binoculars and began looking around. He slowly panned the cliffside and passed right over me. I smirked and lined up my shot, just as he turned back to me and pointed, yelling.

    The sound was deafening, and the right lense on the binoculars shattered as blood splattered out behind the dead man's skull. I readjusted my aim and shot the second tangoe in the leg. He fell to his side, and I put a final round through his chest before he hit the floor.

    Moments later, Wilson began moving again, giving the "all clear" signal. I ran down and met him, then called for extract. His wounds were tended to, and he owes me his life to this day.

    Let me know what you think. I added some of the story parts, but the stuff that could have happened in-game did. Latah. :wall:

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