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  1. That is sooo cool what you did with the stats.. I havent looked at the code for some time now and with both php and mysql updated, some of it would have fallen into the depreciated bucket. I ceased using the ftp function since i wrote a small app to run on the game server which uploads the stats file as soon as each game finishes. this saves the need for the ftp feature, I guess i left it there in case i ever wanted to revive it or re vamp it in some way, Feel free to make a community release as i wrote the software for the players. Also, it should read and support co-op games as well as other modes but i was always un able to test that side due to a lack of match logs.
  2. Enjoy your break John, just dont make it soo long you forget to do the things you do...
  3. Ficc, are you using a weapon mod such as Brettzies or Rahnmanns..??
  4. Struth Graw2 servers dont use a standard ICMP protocol as defined by standards. Typical NAT modifies the header of a packet as you have explained. Graw2 uses a typical TCP packet with the return address embedded in the data part to check for ping. That is why a graw2 server wont report ping when behind NAT, the server is using the IP address embedded in the packet which of course is non routable being class C.
  5. Played this mission on TAW's server. Found nothing wrong with the mission. All spawns seemed to be correct. Mission was great fun and we played it of course with Rahnmanns weapons mod. John, love the new buildings and the opening garage doors in your recent missions. Awsome work, really well done.....
  6. Just to add that putting any windows machine or even *nix box in dmz is not the sort of thing to be taken lightly. Its like driving around with no seat belt on.. nothing might happen but something might only the odds are very hard to calculate. If your going to use DMZ, please please please dont make it a 24/7 thing.
  7. I have this game and its great fun... Love my hover plane.... If you ever want to play with someone... let me know..
  8. I assume your Default Config File is the dedicated_game_info.xml file. this file contains all the settings for your server including the map rotation. An explanation of the different settings can be found in these forums - they are explained a lot better than i ever could. To start your server is just a command line which UGS should be able to sort out for you. On a PC you get a window that shows what the server is doing but on some hosts you just get a browser window that tells if the server is running or not. This is something thats upto UGS.
  9. Jody


    Sounds like you've had one heck of a day there Blame, I sure hope tomorrow has better things in store for you.....
  10. GameRanger is a free app for PC and Mac that enables you to connect multiplayer games to other players. Its a lot like gamespy and it supports a lot of games. Full details here http://www.gameranger.com/about
  11. The app runs on the server in the window as displayed above. Its very small so as not to impact server performance. Most of the time it sleeps, it wakes when the server writes a game log file. The app is installed using an instalishield routine to assure all files and settings are logged and can be removed if necessary.
  12. Test mission sucessful, new sounds work as expected. The installation isnt hard after reading the instructions carefully. I look forward to the development of your future missions and/or mods....
  13. There are quite a few servers, both standard and modded. Your best choose one with the lowest ping to maximise your gaming pleasure. Maps. As suggested the download section here has a lot of maps made by various modders. Look at what servers are running which maps and try a few out. Mods. Most popular mods are Rahnmans mod and Bretzies, (excuse my spelling). Both of these and more are available in the download section....
  14. Geez.. the upgrade looks superb. Really well done to all the people responsible.....
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