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  1. Have you or GhostRecon.net readers heard any more about server support for GRFS ? The Gravegiggers network [GD] will soon be upgraded to a new network, delivering speeds of 100 megabits per second. We will be supporting a number a games and our GRAW players want “Ghost Recon Future Soldier” to be one of them. The new game needs to include support for Stand Alone Dedicated Servers [sADS] Will there be [sADS] ? That’s the $64,000 Question ! Without Stand Alone Dedicated Servers [sADS] we cannot support the game. Commercial Servers charge outrageous monthly fees for the simple privilege of hosting a server? During this last phase of GRFS game development please let Ubisoft representatives know that not including [sADS] is a poor arrangement which will alienate our PC players, encourage more commercial greed and put the brakes on game development. For us it is Stand Alone Dedicated Servers [sADS] that makes the game more productive more fun. Thanks Rocky for your elite website and your GRAW support. GD=_)sQUIZz Gravediggers Gaming Network www.gddu.net
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