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  1. Then don't check the forums for a few weeks and maybe it will be released by then. Your just killing yourself by checking it every few hours to see if it's released. It will be (maybe). Just not according to our timeline. I too want a patch, but I'm not going to get all worked up when I already know how bad UBI support is. If you've bought any other ubi prouducts you've had to have known this. And I'm not trying to start a flame war but dang I don't understand why everyone lets it get to them. If UBI never even released the patch, That's thier perogative. If you never buy another UBI produc
  2. If UBI delivers on this patch. I would consider buying from them again. But if not ,I have better things to spend my hard earned money on than a 3/4 finished game with less features than the orginal. Ghost Recon- played for several years and lots of fun. GR2- we'll never know because pc gamers were forgotting. GRAW- played for a few months heavily then here and there hoping things would get better. 6 months (had it, selved it.) GRAW2 - Lots of hype. Thought I would give it one more go. Played for a few months. Thought it was a step forward and three steps back. GRAW2 has/had potential, but I
  3. I want my [GR] with updated graphics. Nothing more, nothing less...
  4. Between the 2 last tanks position there's a hangar with a panhard(APC) inside and 2 mgs,the same side of the panhard there's an entrance to go down the bunker. Forgot about that, thanks... Great mission...
  5. I have cleared everything on the map, I am on the clear the bunker objective. Is there a way down into the bunker? I have blown up all tanks and searched every building for enemies. I see a hole into the bunker, but can not find a way in. Jumping in the hole is just suicide. LOL. Please help...
  6. Just do a google seach on ATI x1650 drivers should have a few links in there for some older drivers...
  7. What kind of mod is it? Most map/mission mods that are bundled go in the Custom Levels folder...
  8. Pretty sure it's only recognizing the ram on one of the cards.
  9. COD4 is just too linear for me... I'll be sticking with the GR series. Not perfect, but better than cod series IMO.
  10. Is there a way to edit the xml files to have them spawn earlier than they do? They do seem to spawn at unconventional times...
  11. Did you try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it. Also might want to try some differnt drivers for your graphics card. I've always used Nvidia so I'm not to sure about what drivers work best...
  12. Your system specs would help. And what error message are you getting?
  13. Most maps/missions are for multiplayer. There is only one mission map that I know of that is for single player.It is the "Storm" missions. All other maps are activated in multiplayer. You can still play the coop missions lone wolf style by going to multiplayer, create server set up a lan server and then you can add the maps from there. Just go to the downloads section of this website there are plenty there. If you are talking about the map sheets, they are under misc graw 2 files. http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php...view&id=644
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