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  1. I like it! Maybe you could brighten it with a paint program and upload it again. That's really neat!
  2. Fling, ads do not stalk you. People stalk you. I think you need some therapy...you sound paranoid. Remember, ads are our friends, we like ads, ads make our lives! Woah!!! What am I saying!?
  3. Are you going to use your own guns in the kits or the default in-game ones?
  4. Waka_3

    a little joke

    That's a good one too!
  5. Waka_3

    Couple of Jokes

    Heh heh, that's a good one but sick to say the least .
  6. Suck up, eh? I see you haven't been to a lot of other forums on the net. I'm glad to be here!
  7. So this mod will change Papashvili into Osama? Just kidding.
  8. GR is strictly Windows isn't it? I've never seen GR being played anywhere but Windows. It is the most common OS there is so almost all games run on it. GR included.
  9. Waka_3

    Blonde joke

    I saw that first joke somewhere else. That's a great one.
  10. Well that's too bad. GR is a great game when you still love it. I'm just starting the Desert Seige campaign. I'll be busy for a while. Maybe between then I'll get a few mods to liven up the game. All in all I'm still lovin' it because of it's realism. Delta, perhaps you could go to http://www.gamerevolution.com and click downloads. Then click PC to have a huge list of demos you can get. Have fun searching for a new gaming love.
  11. That's a movie I can't wait to see! It looks great! A great action/sci-fi will always get you out of the dumps and will help you escape boredom.
  12. Wow! I suddenly fear you...those are some great guns there! Too bad Tom Clancy didn't make "Ghost Recon: Paintball Madness".
  13. Well yeah they're great help when they know how to fix the odd problem. Some boards, newbies are treating like dirt. Fortunatley, Ghost Recon players are respectable
  14. Someone's visor needs a wash...
  15. Waka_3

    budgie funnies

    Those are some really great jokes! Budgie jumping...heh heh! I gotta try that! I never had any idea budgies could be so darn funny.
  16. He he he...It'a amazing the things some people think of when you say the work "suck some *blank*". Sick minded people. Mind you I can't talk because I was suspicious myself of the thread title...darn you sick mind!
  17. lol! I saw this somewhere else. I elected Adolph Hitler and killed Beethoven...it's a good thing that I'm not the one who makes crucial decisions!
  18. After seeing other people's suggestions, I think mine might be unlikely. I was going to ask you if you had a firewall. Usually they block out multiplayer games in some cases but I think UT has the best advice right now.
  19. If someone could answer a simple graphics problem that would be great. Normally, I have my moniter set at 800x600 because it's a 17" one. But when I use that resolution in Ghost Recon, a black square appears by my crosshair. This square is also seen on the menus beside my mouse. Are there any patches that may help with this problem or is this simply related to my system? Thanks for your help!
  20. Yeah, Ghost Recon, unlike other games is actually realistic. It's one shot kill, you have to go in stealthy with a team. I bolded that because think about other games like DOOM, Half-Life, and many others. You're one guy against an army of thousands. In Ghost Recon, you're about 6 guys, against a force. Also, the graphics! Great and realistic like all games should be! And what else can you say about this game?
  21. Flingballs lent me Ghost Recon and it's the most fun and realistic game I have ever played!!! What a great game!
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