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  1. Bought a brand spankin' new gun. Sold my other gun. The new one fires the .40 cal paintball ammo. And, it's pretty sweet. Cost me a grand Canadian, and it's sitting in customs as I write this, but it's a sweet weapon. Check it out. I own the M4 RAM IV by the way. http://www.asiapaintball.com/products/RAM/M4.htm
  2. Well, you fellows should take a look at the ALPHA severs. They rock. Clean games, cool people. http://www.alphasquad.net/
  3. Just so you fellows know, physical age isn't a factor. I used to play mechwarrior 4 vengeance on the zone.com servers. Fun game, TONS of hackers. Anywho, there's people on there that I know for a fact aren't teenagers or the like. They're grown men with families and such. And they're the most ignorant bunch of people I've ever had the displeasure to meet. Short story about that... I beat this guy a few times in games. He flipped out, told me off. Lots of four letter words, etc. What I didn't know was he pinged me, and using a program called "black ice defender" got my DNS, IP, etc. Now, the info given actually gives you the server you're running off of. Meaning, he found out what city I was in from that info. Not sure how he did it, but the guy actually found me in real life. I keep telling people...nobody is impossible to find unless you're dead. You can ALWAYS be found no matter how hard you try. Well, this guy actually showed up on my doorstep. Kind of amusing actually, since I'm only 5'7", but about 250 pounds of muscle. Retired special forces, into the martial arts for the last 25 years, etc. I was amazed, though, that this kook was ###### off enough about a GAME that he'd go to that extreme. Anywho, he's sitting in jail now. Took a pic of him with my digital camera, gave that and the screenshots of him threatening my life to the RCMP (Canada's version of the FBI) and they picked him up at the border. So, physical age doesn't mean a thing. It's all in the mind. And, I'll bet alot of those morons are adults as well.
  4. Actually, a statement was made that you see the IP addys of whomever is doing this "ghosting". Well, take a look at the shots guys. It's not a ghost, as there's no IP addy. Also, a person named E2 GIRL KILLS was sending me private messages after all this childish behaviour stopped stating she was one of the people doing it, and that she was an UBI admin. According to her, they do that kind of thing for fun. Also, according to her, UBI doesn't care, nor will they do anything to stop it. What amazes me is she claims to be 26. Disgraceful behaviour for a 26 year old woman.
  5. The shots are there now. http://home.cogeco.ca/~nightcrawler
  6. I'm actually in the middle of uploading the shots. Gimme a few minutes. They'll be there shortly.
  7. Amazing. I'm on the UBI servers today, watching the chat (as I do when I'm bored. amusing to watch the uneducated) and was amazed at the crap that was going on. From what I'm told, the people that log on with the bright yellow UBI in front of their callsigns are supposed to be lobby admins or moderators. Well, they're worse than anyone else there. Seems to me these mental midgets think that the bright yellow name is an open door to stupidity, ignorance and downright rudeness. Not only did I see them saying some offensive, rude and ignorant things to members in the lobby...profanity in extremis from these idiots, but there they were making racial slurs towards member of the UBI lobby. What, exactly, is wrong with these idiots? Racial slurs are a pretty serious thing these days. Not only that, but ignorant statements towards members. I mean come on. Sure, the lobbies are apparently for 13 years old and older. But, still a 13 year old kid doesn't need to see that kinda crap. Especially from someone CLAIMING to be an adult. Meaning, over the age of consent. I think the people in charge of the UBI servers better get off their butts and take a hard look at what these morons are saying in the name of UBI. 'Cause, these idiots are opening up a pretty big can of worms that they're not smart enough, and rich enough, to close. For screenshots go to http://home/cogeco.ca/~nightcrawler Take a look in the Ghost Recon section. Scroll down. It's below the blacklist. Download the screenshots, they're zipped for people to see, and take a look at what these idiots think is "fun". Racist buggers that they are.
  8. Glad to see you. I've been building a website lately. Kind of a pet project where I can vent my weirdness, but also I'm including a section specifically for Ghost Recon. It'll contain links and such for people to use. Take a looksee and let me know what you'd like to see. Drop me a line from the e-mail in the contact section. http://home.cogeco.ca/~nightcrawler
  9. Only came across the bad attitude types on the field twice. The way we play is this...you get hit, you're dead. Period. Anyplace. This saves arguments. Also, you're dead, put your hands over your head and walk to the nuetral zone. This allows people to see you're dead, and mistakes aren't made. We had a couple of brothers playing. Both BIG guys..like pushing 300 pounds each...of fat. Well, 1 of 'em is walking by me, holding his rifle like he was hunting for a target. So, I popped up and nailed him. Well, turns out he was dead. Hey lookee...no hands over the head and he couldn't figure out why I shot him. Anywho, he calls me all sorts ofnames, etc. Bad attitude. Later that day, his brother is dukin' it out with one of my team mates. So, I sneak up on him, tell him to freeze or I'll shoot. He spins firing. So, I cap him. Then he flips on me. We're back in the nuetral zone, they both freak. I tell 'em...not gonna fight with you here. But, come on down to the dojo, and we'll settle it like men in a safe environ. Needless to say, neither took me up on it. Tough guys until their bluff is called. Other incident. Fellow was cheating. Wiping paint off and saying he wasn't hit. Shooting people point blank without a warning, etc. Generally, being a cheating jerk. So, a couple of us hunted him, and emptied our loaders on him. Myself, that means 5x25 rnd mags. The other two, a 300 round loader each. We told him after...that's what we do to cheaters. He never came back. Sold his guns a week later. Problems solved.
  10. Yes, you can buy a special magazine that has a hopper attachment. So, you can put any hopper in production on the gun.
  11. http://store6.yimg.com/I/actionvillage_1738_184723156 my pistol http://www.getrealpaintball.com/images/sni...ipe4_reddot.jpg my rifle Just thought you'd like to see what I use on the paintball field.
  12. I've played a few games with other people where they just haven't been there. But, shots have literally come out of nowhere. When I've asked the guy where he was, I've just been told "a special hiding place" and that's as much as I can get as an answer. So, anyone have any ideas? Are they using hacks, or sitting in a glitch on the field?
  13. I'm pretty new to the game. A month or so. But, I can see exactly where you're coming from. I play pretty much coop as well. Not interested in dealing with the guys who use the glitches in the game, or hack or whatnot, so I tend to play coop since they usually don't play that game type. Anywho, you see the guys that just go hunting. No objectives in mind, just hunting. Annoying when the objectives are complete, and these guys won't extract. Best thing to do is take the missions that end when the objectives are complete whether the enemies are all dead or not.
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