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  1. Thanks MeanMF.. Relesed for GRFS is FY11/12? I would a year Q1 2011? I am 4 year played the GRAW1/2, I stop player xbox live about 2 year, Sometime player Cod and Get new my ps3 but no games lol.. Much Long time relesed year that new GRFS. I hate evey new cod..lol
  2. Great live action videos and love the Ghost Recon!
  3. That is better speakers subtitles, Because I am deaf but i can't hear by voice talk.. Same that DVDs with subtitles english.
  4. I have last 3 week new slim PS3.. just no play games..wait see..
  5. Yes, drones off but i need drones on gamertag poeple onilne.
  6. I am Deaf Man!! I can't wait get GRFS!

  7. People stop playing siege, Now people much play on Sharpshooter.. Im stop play online about 9 mouth xbox live and people not play for siege. See my youtube channel - (GRAW2 KILL Player Sharpsh0oter - Nov 2009)
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