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  1. Username: Rik338 hope ill be the lucky one this time ^-^/
  2. username: rik338 I grew up with ghost recon, so would be cool if i had the full package!
  3. where did all the realism in ghost recon go..... it's sad.
  4. Steam Username: rik338 :3 i'm very creative with my comments.
  5. Hopefully the pc version takes longer and will be more complete
  6. dont be scared, i'm sure pc will be first person =3
  7. thats kinda because the play on xbox and not on pc.... now think about it.
  8. AN-94 is from 1994...... there is blurry picture with a russian soldier holding a pistol that has the same shape as the mp-443 oh oh looks like the russians are out of money ^-^
  9. MP-443? i dont think so man, that gun will get to old.
  10. i want mirrors, so you can look under doors armor editing would also be cool
  11. hhm i didnt hated GRAW2. the first one of GRAW wasnt that good on pc. and the older ghost recon's didnt suck.
  12. looks good only look at the end, it says ghost recon advanced warfighter
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