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  1. thanks, much appreciated. i'd hate to buy a game that won't work. i don't need super duper high settings, but can't be the bottom either. Runnin out of FPS to play on this old girl.
  2. I have an older system, listed below. Will this system work with GRAW? amd 64 3500+ geforce 6800 gt 256 mb 2 gb sdram
  3. thanks for that info. I think i do some of those things. One thing is your guys will go around a corner before the rest and get whacked. Or the AI guys don't take sufficient cover. Speaking of that, is there a quick button to get another team to go to the crawl position? Only way i know how is to select that team, make them crawl, then go back to the team that I was originally on.
  4. Well, i don't run and gun, but what kind of squad tactics are recommended? What kind of squad setups? I usually setup A to be 2 rifleman, B to be a rifleman, demo and support and C is a sniper. I keep C back. a +b i try to keep them fairly close together cuz they seem to get wiped when they get ahead of each other or on their own.
  5. Yup, i'm going backwards in my gaming cuz i can't afford a new machine (nor justify to the mrs's). So i'm hitting old games i never got a chance to play. Is there a good tactic summary of GR anywhere? Or even some basics to do's/not to do's. I'm getting wiped. Did ok in GR, but on Desert Siege and getting hammered.
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