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  1. Thanks for your help Struth, all ok now. Where in the forums? and what is the Teamspeak server address etc... definately better with Teamspeak. Donation where & how? TrueLed
  2. For some unknown reason I am getting the "server refused connection" message again.....any ideas anyone please?? TrueLed
  3. Today I am getting "the server has refused connection" again. I am using the launcher and tried re downloading and installing it to no joy........is it only me? Trueled
  4. Thanks Struth youre an effing genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jumping straight in for a game :-)) True
  5. Thanks Lowlanderman that will explain it.....damn i'm getting withdrawal symptoms already. Please let me know if they ever set something up again and ill do the same for you. TrueLed
  6. I am using Ghost Recon Connect launcher and was doing fine until a couple of weeks ago. I am now getting "the server has refused the connection" I have tried deleting and creating many profiles to no avail.... Would appreciate any help to get back in game. TruLed
  7. Just read the sad news. He gave us many hours of joy through his maps. He will be missed but above all remembered. RIP Bob.
  8. Hi Again, Yippee!! Sorted it using your GS launcher...works fine & see you in game. TrueLed
  9. Hi Struth, This is great news. I have followed the DNS youtube video instructions but after the please wait while logging in message I am getting this message: Login failed "the server has refused the connection". Any ideas? Is there something I am missing out? I am using Vista 64
  10. Hi Mexicobob, trying to join TS3 TAW for GRAW2 as below but it is asking for a password. How can I get that?
  11. Hi Jody. Any idea why I cant join your rahmnman server. Could it be the anti cheat on your setting?


  12. Thanks for your help JohnTCO2 and TAW_Zero. Will try contacting them. TrueLed
  13. Any ideas why I am suddenly getting this message when trying to join the GE Ghost Soldiers Elite Server "Altered files are not permitted to avoid cheating" I have played there many times until the last couple of weeks. TrueLed
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