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  1. True, contrails are just that. And they usually disappear within 30 seconds. Some stick around for slightly longer depending on air temperature and other factors, but they don't stick around for hours and spread out over a vast area. Chemtrails do stick around and spread out though, and they are becoming very common everywhere. And then they fall to the earth and poison living things. Living things that keep the earth working right.
  2. Thanks for doing that, I've downloaded them. Do I have to remove any other files from the Mission folder before I put those ones in there?
  3. That Bruce K. Gagnon guy who talks alot in the video really knows his stuff. It's a very good documentary and there's a part (IIRC) that talks about how 'they' were planning the oil pipelines in Afghanistan before Sep 11th. Then, hey presto, after the terror attack the pipelines are in place. Hmmm, interesting!
  4. Cheers I'll give that a go in a minute This worked thanks, I didn't even know about the ingame console! The only downside is I don't get to play mission 2 but at least I can move on to the next mission and carry on the game Mission 3 'rrbridge' is hard! I've forgot how I did it years ago (without losing any of my squad or any NATO soldiers).
  5. Thanks for the reply. I've been a bit busy but have got round to trying turning off 'Show Intro Movie' but that didn't help. I've played the level about 7 times now but it always crashes at the end Do you think that if I uninstall and then buy Ghost Recon on Steam and install and play it from there it might solve the problem? Also, would I still need to patch the game if I did buy it from Steam or would it already be updated with the 1.35 and 1.4 patches?
  6. Hi I'm new to this forum. I recently started playing Ghost Recon original again. One of the greatest games ever! I had problems running the game again and with the screen playing up but I found all the solutions on here (options file and shadows, dead bodies) so thought I'd ask about my new problem. The game plays fine and I've done the first 2 missions with no technical problems, but at the end of the 'farm' mission the game crashes back to Windows screen. It always happens when I have fully completed the mission (just after putting a charge on the plane and dropping the last 3 enem
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