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  1. Hey man, you might want to look into somthing called Virtual PC. You can use Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP or XP Pro on ur mac. Its about £100 (UK, Duh) and u can get it from most shops or online stores I.E. Amazon.com/.co.uk. Island Thunder is comming out soon for Mac. Also, i assume you have GameRanger, just like Gamespy but for mac and without so many pop-ups. Also, u cant play PC and Mac together online throught GSA or GR, IP connection i think. Macs forever! They rock! Hehe
  2. Yep. I got Goldwave. Damn its the best! I use it like everyday for Flash stuff.
  3. Yo yo, Does anyone know where i can find an Anti-Cheat mod? Apparently theres one that tells you in-game or somthing. Thnx
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