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  1. A bit late for a party but all the same - Happy B-day GR!
  2. Just want to thank you for making the CL! Always good to come back and see more goods for this great game.
  3. :'> I just love the GR modding community! Long live Ghost Recon! I second that. Good game made excellent - thanks to moders. V3.0b, here I come!
  4. Thank you, sir! D/l'ing as we speak.
  5. Man, I pop-up for a quick tour and what I find? Bunch of new stuff! My night is forfeit, as it seems. Off to download this little lovely. Thank you once more, Tinker!
  6. ...eyes closing... head falling... New HU?!? Whaaaa? :'> ...must... get... new... version... can't... give... up... now... Thanks Apex!
  7. Looking forward to it, Tinker! I just got the old version and will give it a "ride" next week. Thanks for awesome work!
  8. Hehe, cheers, kind sir! There is so many people who contributed - it is just amazing. When I think about games that outlived its own expiration date I think about GR and NWN. Now, while in my mind they are both very good games, they would never be what they are, or live for as long as they have, if it wasn't for these two reasons - community and modability. As far as the GR is concerned, it is this very site that was heart and soul of the GR community. It provided home for everything that followed for so many years. Community and especially wonderful moders did the rest - hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of modifications... Again, it is amazing story, and again, thank you, for everything you have done, kind sir
  9. Vozd

    GR Servers?

    Tinker, I would be happy to share some games with you, although I wonder if with my limited free time during week days, and time difference between the two of us (Canada - UK), that would work.
  10. This is a very nice idea with a single failing, for we are bound to forget someone... Just by looking at the list I came up with four names that are not there, yet have all rights to be: - Slugg - 10mm Auto - Battleborne - Lisa2ck If somebody is unsure why these names should be on the list, I will point finger at d/l section of GRnet. And if that is not enough, I will be happy to elaborate about each of the above noted names.
  11. Great work, Thumper! Can't wait to try all these toys! Will definitely let you know if there is anything that appears to be out of place.
  12. Vozd

    GR Servers?

    I thought that your name is familiar Wombat - you used to frequent the official GR forums, right? I remember Nighthawks as they/you used to compete in GR coop community. Is Snipe still with you guys? Anyhow, I would definitely be interested, as long as you don't mind some rusty gunslinger to tag along.
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