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  1. Muddvain, thx for the comment. The system just notified me!! I'll buzz back when I've read it, man.
  2. thx for replying guys. both of you are correct. Both aspects of game play are needed. However, there is an assumption being made and it's something the "open world" scenario might solve better than a regular campaign. The whole idea behind an open world is to introduce new scenarios as well as keeping a story line. Anotherwords, I've always wanted some same targets/places to hit but have different enemy reactions/placements or new story arcs downloaded that changed the storyline because once you've played a story, you want it to change. The idea of an open world is to introduce "freedom" and
  3. I have to agree with you AI, GRAW and GRAW2 command interface were lacking and I hoped that Ubi would really improve that in their next releases of GR but they dropped it all-together to follow instead of leading the way! They followed BattleField and possibly COD when instead they had a market lead in that feature because NO ONE else was doing anything even close. The commands actually directed a group to deliver a "flavor" of commanding a team, which I deeply deeply miss. I love "squad-based" shooters where you direct and lead the squad! So, I too, hope that Ubi France has grown up
  4. Hey Rocky , it is a pleasure, new GR and i am back, hope they release something really great for us, old fans. Agreed thales100!! Agreed. I've been waiting for an open world version of GR because I'm sick of being the rat running through a chosen maze!! Future Soldier would have been greater had it been open world. I'm hoping for the following: 1. chose team 2. chose teams weapons/classes!! (like Old GR) 3. completely destructible environment Now all we need is GR: AW2 team comms and control/order system and we're back in business. I am very happy that UbiSoft is f
  5. Thx for all the input everyone. I'm buying my pc next month!! Gotta play the mods to GR!!!
  6. Hey guys, I was posting a question bout what type of box to run GRFS on and it turns out that other versions of GR will also run on it that twcrash outlined a few posts back. I'm trying to find a "least" expensive but reasonally fast gaming rig that works fro GRFS as well as the other mods to GR, specifically GRAW 2. The Mods that I keep seeing posted here would breath new life into GR for me as I only have GR for Xbox - GRAW, GRAW2, GRFS - and the thing that bugs me is the "forced" story line along with the lack of flexibility in personal and equipment. GRFS completely lost touch with the GR
  7. hey twcrash, thx for your load-out. preciate it. this gives me something I can actually bite off w/o breaking the bank. Zeealex, thx for the note on AMDs. If I purchase inexpensively w/AMD, then it's no big loss to start out with. It's the small form-factor that I'm shooting for and one that has an HDMI out so I can pump video/audio through my stereo system. twcrash, have you played graw2 and GRFS on the setup you outlined??
  8. hear hear, I agree, GRFS was such a let down for me too. I honestly don't understand why the markeeters and execs @ Ubi when the path they went - less development, no open terrain, NO ability to drive the mission when in-mission, and Forced to use a meager supply of weapons depending what what you've unlocked. Does Ubi really listen to it's fan base?? We never asked for a Battlefield X rip-off but a true sequal to GRAW2 with more intelligent enemies, better randomized enemy movement, not so much Hollywood story-line crap, clean interface with the ability to use tech or go non-tech if you s
  9. 16 core AMD, why have I not heard of this?! It's the AMD FX 6300 I've experience bad framerates with, and an AMD radeon HD 7850, it runs Arma 3 on very high/ultra settings FLAWLESSLY, but GRFS can't squeeze out more than 24 FPS Hey Zeealex, here's the link: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-opteron-6300-warsaw-cpu,25832.html and INTEL is playing catch-up haha http://techreport.com/news/26056/intel-releases-15-core-xeon-e7-v2-processor BTW, you're the 1st Lady Ghost I've met. Nice ta meet-cha. Yeah, I noticed that between PS3 and Xbox 360, the PS3 had serious frame issues w/GRA
  10. Thx everyone for all the input!! This is awesome! Yeah, I would like to play old GR for sure but also FS and really the mods that I see on this site more than anything else because I keep seeing cool mods posted and wonder how can I play this stuff, especially on a real team. Blame, I like your outline for a gaming rig, no question. And I"ve got a projector for a screen plus and hdmi hook-up through my stereo system. Just need a machine that is a small form-factor so it fits in my entertainment rack. Sorry for not responding sooner but I really appreciate all the input. I had NO idea tha
  11. Hey everyone, would you mind giving me some good advice on what hardware to purchase to run GR so that I am play over the net all the mods that I keep seeing being produced here? I've got a 360 but I'd really like to play the REAL Ghost Recon and just need to know the pc hardware that works best. Thanks so much!!! Long Live Ghost Recon!!!
  12. God bless Tom and his family. He and his family are in my prayers. Tom, know you can't hear nor read this post but, Thank you Sir, for all of your inspiration.
  13. Stupid question but gotta ask: do we have to "purchase" Xbox Live to play with others on xbox? Sorry, I just don't know. Thx man
  14. Thx Zeealex, your reply is much appreciated. Sorry been sooooo long for a reply but... life's been hard. I used to have an account w/ the ubi forums but was wondering if the FB page was a better way to get ideas through to them. I just didn't know what "forums" they actually listen to. Yeah, Kimi was AWESOME! She actually showed some concern for our ideas & such. Dang shame she left. I feel your pain in seeing ubi not really paying attention to us fans (especially the loooooooong timers.) I'll keep trying through. see y'all & thx again for replying to my question. Much appreciat
  15. Hey all. Need to know what's the best way to get Ubisoft's attention. Fb, forums, etc... I'd like my voice heard with them concerning GRFS and not sure of best way to communicate with them. Thanks all!
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