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  1. Doubt they want to loose anymore money then there going too.
  2. We reported on this a while back. Seems interesting. Taken from : http://www.recon-renagades.co.uk/ MS will reveal a slim 360 natal bundle at one of their two (yes, two) press conferences at this year's e3. What's more the 360 will be getting a subtle rebrand, with a new logo and black as the new primary colour of the console. They feel that the new system needs to be black because a white Natal wouldn't sit well next to the typical gloss black tv. The new system design is pretty neat. And Natal? Let's just say you'll probably be both very surprised and very pleased by one of the g
  3. kenshin777 you do know people on this forum also use Ubi forums their isnt much need to post on multiple forums aswell as multiple threads,
  4. It was confirmed you need SCC to play the beta so what would be the point in it being upped on the dashboard? their would be no need for SCC. maybe its an option later down the line, but i dont see how they can say its exclusive to SCC when its not upped inside of SCC. It says will be upped on xbox live, then says will be downloadable from the menus of SCC, so you can only download it from the menus of SCC, once downloaded it will be in your games library.
  5. Hmm thats a little contradicting to what it says in the SCC manual. Posted on Ubi forums: If you have Splinter Cell: Conviction, the beta download will appear in the splinter cell Uplay section. And if ur thinking 'i have assasins creed 2 so i can just go to the splinter cell section from the AC2 section' wrong, there will be a new SC:C action 'play Splinter Cell: conviction' and this will unlock the ghost recon beta for download and you must play the beta from the main menu of SC:C looks like the later splinter cell discs are not going to be the same, you will only get in if have the
  6. I was told it will be implemented with an update for SCC, and notification will be sent to registered Uplay accounts.
  7. It would be interesting but doubtful at this stage, until natal is proven to be a success for Microsoft I doubt major publishers will commit their long loved franchises to Natal.
  8. As posted by UbiKimi on Ubi forums: The Future of War • Ghosts have the latest and best high-tech military equipment, which is inspired by actual prototypes • Exoskeleton enhances the Ghosts' physical abilities, allowing them to run, leap, slide and kick farther & faster • Classes & associated weaponry: o Commando - Shoulder mounted rocket launcher o Sniper – Heartbeat detector o Engineer - Drones o Recon - Optical camo Natural Cooperation • Coordinate combat by linking up with your Ghost teammates • While linked up, you can benefit from and combine your teammates' h
  9. Cool Jay, iv got all the CS4's but never used flash allot.
  10. Hey got the game so heres a few screens for you guys also a vid up soon and all screens enlarged at our site Visit Recon Renagades Hope you like [staff edit: Not GR:FS related. Moved to PC Action / Adventure forums ...]
  11. Bump if anyone wants to share, as well as Jay ill up too our site, with credits. http://recon-renagades.co.uk/
  12. Hello all, first post on these forums i may know 1 or 2 of you off Ubi forums, but in case you don't know me i thought id share our GR:FS site dedicated to all the latest news on the upcoming title. Comments welcome Recon Renagades Thanks
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