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  1. Gotta give props to the girl of Ghost Recon!!!! ^5

  2. Hey guys, if your thinking that "holiday" was short, then i'm only here to say a couple of things. I've been reading over alex's shoulder when she's been on here seeing if there's anything i could discuss and making sure she's behaving herself , there are a few topics, but i'd rather keep quiet. and i'd just like to say thanks for the kind goodbyes, and you are probably right, i may turn up one day and discuss a couple of topics. @operative, it is sad, but it happens unfortunately, and before long i can see CoD players going the same way also. @ spik@ i agree so let's call it packing up
  3. Well you can do what you want with this, but just hear me out please and thank you. I'm not leaving because of this forum, this forum has been great over the past 18 months I've been here, yeah okay, we had a few hiccups but the forum is still great. So basically over these past few months, I've lost interest in the Ghost Recon series, and games all together. so i just don't see the point of lingering around on these forums any more if i can't really be interested in what's being discussed. so i just thought maybe it's time to pack up the account and go. Alex still likes this place an
  4. i can't wait to actually have a civilised adult conversation with my own husband without work coming into it! :P

  5. well, john, i think what i have to say may be seen as off topic, and could hurt the thread but let's not get into that, plus, she would get more annoyed at both of us then. the expect the PM tomorrow, morning, sorry it will be late I'm shutting down now. my eyes need rest see? off topic!
  6. don't mean to be rude or anything if i come across that way, but hammer, please, i think Alex is perfectly capable of making wallpapers as per request. after all all requests on this thread should be regarding her wallpapers, no? i've PM'd you on the matter, and i'll be having a [small] word with john too.
  7. just done a quick skim through of this topic, i've probably missed out some key info somewhere along the line, but at no point does it say that GR:Online is GRFS PC, as far as looking through the ubi forums, a ubi forum manager said that GR:Online IS NOT GRFS PC. so i don't know how many times people have to repeat themselves to reassure people these days. for apparently hopeful people (for GRFS PC) you aren't half pessimistic. honestly people have some faith! sorry that may have been seen as a rant, but was not and it's over now anyway. scalled a strong opinion. i do think that
  8. be warned my critique is often seen as offensive on other sites, so please don't take offence as none is meant. right done a little mess around and one thing i immediately noticed, was the XM8 rifles they certainly werent there before, and they are a great touch. the second thing i came across was in the objectives screen, on mission loading. "no civilians casualties" will need to be amended. when the mission loaded i had a ###### about in the insertion zone. i've noticed you like the word ###### on the voice over where the crowd is, he say we just wanna get the hell outta here, an
  9. CTD=Crash to desktop aaah right, i'll start from quick mission then, could be the reason why. thanks for clarifying.
  10. i shall have a play of it and get back to you. certainly seems interesting just reading the couple of features you have implemented. okay first thing i noticed, not sure if it's my computer, but as soon as i try and start the campaign, the game CTD and when i click a resume campaign for a standard ghost recon campaign, the game crashes again. this may need some verifacation from someone else. but that's what i got.
  11. they are in a download pack twcrash check the download section under future soldier.
  12. no, not life threatening thankfully, it was a skin graft after a previous post-op wound on her back failed to heal correctly. just told her, she groaned at me and said thanks to you anyway i'm off for the night now me thinks
  13. hey everyone! Alex had an operation yesterday and she is currently laying in bed being her typical zombie-ish self only in a little pain and trying but failing to type. anyway, against her wishes, i made this thread for you all to wish her well or as Alex jokingly said "quite the opposite" but i doubt you will do that, you are all too nice anyhow, say what you wish and i'll leave you to it
  14. no-one suggested toshiba? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Toshiba-Satellite-L755-13K-i5-2410M-Bluetooth/dp/B004XARSJO/ref=sr_1_23?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1310570747&sr=1-23 the integrated card is a 1gb Nvidia graphic card as i am led to believe. prett good value. i've never heard of it being successfully changed before but i could be wrong.
  15. i am highly aware of these issues roco, and yes they are terrible problems, but positivity is good, hence why this thread was put up, FS on the wii looks terrible because the WII is terrible it's not going to secure the other console's (or PC) fate. delays arent always bad roco
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