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  1. Tinker and lightspeed i have no clue as to what you guys are talking about nor do I care. I simply put my input down on the new ghost recon and asked of your opinions that is all nor do I care what other people have written down about this upcoming game-- that is why I started a new thread. I voiced my opinion as to what I would have liked to see and clearly said in my post that I'm sure its not possible to be done because the game is far into development. As to whiteknight and residentpsycho thank you for your input. I feel as though all of the original serious GR players miss the old games and the play style that was given. I totally forgot about lost convoy that map was sick the marsh in the back with the no mans area then the hilly area created a sick set up for sniping and sneaking around trying to flank.
  2. I played GR2 on the XBOX not pc but this seems to be the more popular area to post and it relates to all of you that played the original here is my question to you... My question to all of you guys is would you be happy if the GR development team went back to the basics of what made GR one of the best tactical shooters of all time by revamping the old GHOST RECON 2 (NOT GRAW). A similar story is happening with the battlefield series if any of you guys are familiar with BF1942which is now BF1943 (huge success) and the upcoming revamping battle field 2 which will now be battle field 3. Personally I would be completely satisfied if the GR development team re-released Ghost Recon 2 with an upgraded game engine and a bunch of new content i.e. new story, weapons, maps, while retaining what made it great such as the original mp maps. Why fix something that is not broke right? I know this is an impossibility because development is far into production but are there any others out there that would be satisfied with a move such as this? I know some of you old school xbox live gamers remember playing team sharp shooter on pagoda, quarry, bunkers, fuel depot, ghost village, and sand mine. I mean come on what made that game satisfying to me was the push to get to the other teams spawn a slow and tactical struggle. I hate the gimmicky graw style game play and all the fluff that was added to the series. GR needs to get back to what made it great, the realism and the tactility of team work. Just take a look at this old ass youtube video I found brings back memories minus the corny ass music Simplicity is the key here are the old lay outs of the old maps...look how simple they are nothing too complex.. http://gr2maps.tripod.com/
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