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  1. Not having a go at ya.. But for consoles (at least xbox) the series went like this: Ghost Recon Ghost Recon: Island Thunder Ghost Recon 2 Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike Ghost Recon AW Ghost Recon AW2 Ghost Recon FS If they want to make a lot of old school console players happy, they should give us back 1st person view, fresh graphics, and blind siege like in summit strike.. But no, they had to go and re-invent multiplayer by grapping stuff from games like Gears, MGS, COD etc., and call it theirs..
  2. Good job!!! It's awesome to see what is possible with GRAW 2 still (if u have the skills).. And it makes me wanna push forward my gaming PC purchase
  3. I'm sad to say that I totally agree with u And it's not just Ghost Recon they've changed.. Look at all Tom Clancy games. Nothing is like the old days.. I'm seriously thinking og building a PC for when Ground Branch and Takedown launches!
  4. A lot of the stuff you are complaining about here is out of Ubisofts hands really.. Changing the ways people play is impossible and a waste of time The stuff I would like to say about FS would probably force Rocky to ban me.. So I'll leave it at that. And thank someone above for the FS beta so I could save the money for other games Ghost Recon -rest in pieces
  5. I could see myself doing the same to my FS disc IF I had bought the game! Thank god for the beta so I could save some money Ghost Recon made me a gamer 10 years ago, and what Ubisoft have done to it with their latest release isn't even funny! In fact, all Tom Clancy games has been "dumbed down" over the years.. I hope Takedown comes to the Xbox when it's done.. if not, I'm getting a PC!
  6. This video just made my day The Wii version is probably not far off the version we'll get for the 360.. just with pretty hd graphics of course That's about where my expectations are for GRFS! I guess that's good, 'cause now I can only get positively supriced when the beta launches..
  7. Wow, my heart sank when I saw these E3 gameplay videos The gameplay is straight comical.. The enemies are made to be so stupid, that it's almost funny. The cool and calm ghosts' chatter while popping headshots at 1-2 meters is just so out of place and funny. My favourite part is when he eliminates the stationary gunner, hold's him without the AI noticing his pal has "a new face".. goes up the stairs without alerting the dude beneath. Then shoots another enemy in the back of the head with his own teammember standing right in front of him Thank goodness there will be a multiplayer beta
  8. I'm hoping they go back further to the gameplay of GR and GR Island Thunder, and give us a 1p weapons view. Ghost Recon 2 + summit strike was ok.. but I only played them cause there was'nt any proper 1p shooters out.. And in my opinion, there has'nt been a good shooter since Island Thunder. It seems like nobody dares to make a super realistic game for consoles Too many $s in games like cod i guess And my worst fear is that Future Soldier goes down that path!
  9. After having used this exellent site for years and years for valueble news on upcoming ghost recon games, I finally got around to registrering myself I must say, as a 360gamer my hopes for GR:FS have hit an alltime low! The fact that the Paris studio seems to be doing the majority of the game is just shocking news. The GRAW titles were both a bit strange in the way that two different studios were developing singleplayer and multiplayer.. but it was VERY CLEARLY the multiplayer part that people played. How many people have even played the singleplayer part more than two times to get their
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