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  1. Good luck with the new thinks you gonna do, and thanks for the grfs things you dropt online .
  2. And tomorrow a day closer to the beta
  3. Gamertag: GE niss GE (My GRAW2 Clan name Ghost Elite) niss (my name nis) Avatar: Male
  4. When i saw the gameplay for the third time @ the E3 2011.. . i know it... .. . Sorry Ubisoft/Ghost Recon.. . the gameplay from the E3 2010 is looking fack!ng beter!! ! I hope that in the next months thare comes a new gameplay video whit some beter gameplay and beter gameplay video than what Ubisoft shows os in this E3.
  5. The trailer already look pretty cool. And the option where you can change all the weapons thats a dhem nice option what you can do. I hope in the E3 a new GamePlay Video from GRFS is going to come. And i hope that in GRFS you can choose between Play/move with Kinect, and Play/use with controler.
  6. I hope 2 that there are coming some new online maps for graw2 on the 360. We are still waiting for grfs, but it's moved to next year. In the time that we most wead @ grfs Ubisoft can make the 360 GRAW2 Online gamers happy with new online maps, mabe some old multiplayer maps from GRAW to GRAW2. Ore some old maps from other Ghost Recon games. And merry christmas !! !
  7. made whit a 7 years old program.. . its still look nice the grfs wallpaper what you have made. (i have dropt a massage @ your flickr)
  8. when while come the new ghost recon future soldier demo online on the xbox 360? and i miss some new ghost recon future soldier pictures and i hope that ubisoft will come whit more news about the ghost recon future soldier game.
  9. just a new one: made by: GE niss (nis willems)
  10. sorry i read your message new, the wallpapers are off photobucket, but a new one is comming ;o)
  11. i hope for more gameplay videos, but the interviews are nice to
  12. I hope you can do the drones off if you play online.
  13. This one? ID# 618305846
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