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  1. thanks. avery. i was wondering what it was ... cant use it cause i dont have island thunder. CRAP!!!!
  2. o yea.. they look good. im gonna use the will jacobs one
  3. this might sound like a noob question but what gun is Henry Ramirez using there. As i recall, he used a mp5.. Do you get to unlock that gun??
  4. what i did was come up behind him grabbed him, then sent bravo in to kill his buddies...
  5. I have the ps2 version... it's called quick order and it shows you how to do it int the first tactical excercise...
  6. well, it does work for the ps2 version.
  7. hhhmmm... never heard of that...gotta try it. is it only for certain guns???
  8. Uh dude...... ps2 version does have dolby digital it's on the back of the box. graphics may be better on the xbx(probally are) but im tired of people saying that the ps2 version is crap. IMO it's just as good as PC version.
  9. swordfish.......awesome job. i could never have that much patience to do that. also, the way you described it was bootiful, are you a author???
  10. forget my last post. i like ibrahams sniper rifle. i havnt really used him til the other day.
  11. you get new weopens for the regulaur people or the specialists?? i've had a lot of regulaur people die(like 2) im on mission 7. should i start over??
  12. my favorite sniper weopen is the silenced sniper rifle that stone has.dat thing is bad. -just felt like putting that in lol
  13. i have an e99 and a teardrop. dont have a pic. gotta couple ?'s... Can u put a hopper on that??....Actually it's only one
  14. If you hav'nt geussed, i like the OICW so i like Will Jacobs. I also like Stone and Tunney or what ever his name is.
  15. Weopen, Stealth, Leadership. Dont know what the e is though.
  16. No you cant do it. You can only use the waypoint map or seitch soldiers..
  17. you got to put the charges on the part that supports the bridge.(the 2 legs)
  18. im not to familiar withe the M60(never a support) but my dad was a M60 gunner back in the day.
  19. whats you're favorite gun......Mines the OICW. I love that gun. I like the way it makes people uuuhhhhh DIE!!!
  20. or you can do it the "Ol fashioned way", by beating the game. that will unlock the missons so you can do co-opp mode.
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