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  1. As long as you are attached to them they have total control over you, or at least they should. That's how it's supposed to work until you get tasked out to someone else in the BN.
  2. You guys Infantry? A bit hard to tell from those pics as anyone can get scouts and snipers attached to them. Jodie might have a name, but he never found my house, and if he did I would perform a home invasion . Nice to see another service member. I was active duty infantry and deployed in 03 and 06, we did/saw it all. Especially during the surge.
  3. Ah, national guard. NASTY GIRLS! I notice you keep saying "your gunner" and "Your TC" I'm assuming you just mean the gunner/TC in the team/truck you are in. Since you are only an E-4 I would HOPE there is an NCO in your truck over you guys.
  4. When you feel better I really suggest playing on realistic, it really does make the game better.
  5. I'm only guessing...but that tool looks like it is detachable and perhaps the other end is a bayonet like weapon? Which is exactly what I said.
  6. HAH...too funny. The reports have indicated you'll be able to do melee attacks. Can you imagine getting slashed with that thing...ouch! The melee attacks refer to krav maga and russian combatives. However I wouldn't put it past them to include a "swap" to CQC attachment instead of the wire cutter/utility tool.
  7. Sorry if my post was not clear. I never intended it to mean that a m203 could take out a tank or couldn't, just that if you have something on your shoulder capable of taking out a tank, lugging around an M203 under your rifle might not be necessary. Anyway... I don't buy the notion that people that don't like the direction of the game are "uninformed." Maybe all the information is not out there, but there is clearly enough for some people to make a decision of whether they like the direction the game is going or not. If Ford decided to stop making Mustangs, and instead were jus
  8. The best explanation is probably "it's just a game". The fact that people on here think a 203 launcher can take out a tank speaks volumes. The underslung attachment can be a range of things including a 203 launcher grenade launcher, and shotgun. That is a wire cutter. Why are people so quick to bash stuff they are uninformed about.
  9. I've been browsing around various other forums and news sites with commenting feature. Without a doubt, the overall feedback is positive, people are really excited about GR:FS and loved the live action demo. The only people not so happy are us old timers who know what GR should be, ie true to its roots. Other folks who have no knowledge of the history and therefore what has been removed, only see the cool stuff, and they like it. You should add in SOME old timers, since SOME of us old timers also see GR for what it is, a tactical game not a milsim and can appreciate it for what it still
  10. @AlienShogun: This means you, in general. ____ General Posting Guideline 2.2 What are you talking about? Everything being discussed is on topic. This is a thread about people buying or not buying the game based on the direction the series is going.
  11. GR followed in the Tac-Sim footsteps of R6 which defined the Tactical Simulator genre of games. RSE created that particular genre subset of FPS games. While not a military sim, R6 simulated the planning and execution of a hostage rescue and information collection with the planting of bugs. GR simulated the execution of obtaining certain objectives to complete a mission based on a small squad of highly trained soldiers, Green Berets, and not regular soldiers in major direct action as you would find in OFP or ArmA. Ubi has removed many of the original features of both games like the planning
  12. Except a flight sim is a flight sim. Ghost recon was NEVER a mil sim. Operation flashpoint and Arma are milsims. GR never was. Ghost Recon is a tactical game. Always has been, and as far as I can tell always will be, no matter how it has changed it has ALWAYS relied on tactics, and "teamwork." GR has evolved in its own way. As times have changed it has changed. I have not seen a GR yet that I thought was garbage. I take each game for what it is. I understand what GR has always been and where it is going. It would seem some do not.
  13. Yeah, I WAS infantry. I was up for E6 promotion when I left. Spent 27 months in Iraq 2003 and 2006. Saw plenty of action. Thank you for your service. I find it funny yall called it the "60cal." "Thems smoking words!" haha. I've fired from 9mm all the way up to a Javalin. I love me some good ol life ending projectiles.
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