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  1. Yes, regrettably, that is the largest font I could use. I'll be here to say "HA" after you spend your money on it and then proceed to complain about how its not GR and how buggy it is lol.
  2. I swear IW and Ubi have scarred me for life. Every time I see a dev or publisher say something like that I immediately think they are lying and theyre just saying that to hype the gamers. I really wish I could believe anything anyone in the game industry says. Regardless I am looking forward to BF3 and the new game from Respawn.
  3. With the way DR went I will be cautious about even renting this. Hope they learned something from DR but I doubt they did. They really went to town with ripoff DLC.
  4. I dont know what to tell you Mean.Ive never seen something like that as part of a breaching tool.Im positive I havent seen them all though.They worked with the people on those programs and they dont even know what it does.Maybe it doesnt do anything useful besides when hanging the gun.
  5. Ive never seen it. Its usually a flat piece on the end of long handles used to put leverage on and then pry the door open.No clue how the hook works.Plus breaching a door with a gun? Seems ridiculous to me.
  6. Why didnt they do this instead of a conference? Atleast at the end of this I could have a laugh and wasnt squinting at my tv saying wth to myself.
  7. A lot of them have more than 5 people posting after a game announcement.Atleast there wont be any falling lol.
  8. You guys act like youre going to miss something besides a few people arguing about how cool the new tech is and how pretty FS looks.Its like totally neat!!
  9. Even people who do know the answer about the feedback wont say anything about where they get it.Yeah feedback is nice and all,but people working on the games have their own agendas.I dont think that feedback of any kind is even on the radar of a lot of devs at Ubi.Unless its after the announcement of a game or after release Id bet they never even care to hear about the feedback.Afterall what proof is there otherwise? It sure doesnt show in the TC games.If anything the TC games prove everyones point.Which is that most the devs couldn't care less about our opinions.Of course they say they do.It wouldn't exactly look good if they said that they know whats best as far as the direction of these games and dont care or need our opinions.Which is exactly how a lot of devs think.I dont care where feedback is coming from for the TC games,theres no overwhelming voice in the community asking for an abomination like SCC,a huge jump in future tech for FS,or TPV in R6.All these decisions go in the opposite direction.
  10. I understand they didnt make them.I also appreciate them both for posting,always have.I dont appreciate tough questions being asked and not answered.My question is a tough question,one not easily dodged with careful wording.Truth will set you free but wont always make you money I guess.Ubi has been doing this for too long.
  11. I know.Im just frustrated.Ive been doing this forum thing for too long.Maybe its time for a break.
  12. Well I obviously dont know what your reports say.Im just going off what Ive seen lately.I know what youve done to try and help,especially with R6.Its not even my platform thats not getting it.I have all the platforms but Wii.I just care about my community is all.Im not saying you dont but maybe you should act like the Wii is the only one getting the beta. The question wont be answered, even by people who do know.I would like to think most here already know the answer lol.
  13. Lol I know and Ive always liked you but I also know you see exactly whats going on.You empathise with your company way more than the community,even if it was wrong by the company.Atleast thats how you come off to me.Which is understandable I guess.The beta was used to push "Splinter Cell".It was also put in peoples minds it will be the only way to get it, through SCC.Regardless if it was posted that there might be a "chance" of getting it some other way down the road,it was obviously not said in conjunction with various other forms of advertisement,for obvious reasons.Yeah it was posted on the Ubi forums for the 8 people there to see. Anyway,I was talking about the question pertaining to the beta being on just one platform.If this so called beta is to get feedback and better the game then why is it on just one platform?
  14. Those questions werent for you.I didnt ask you anything.Please feel free to answer my question about the "beta" though.Im sure you wont say what you actually think,but thats expected I guess.Its a simple question really.Like I said,it wasnt for you but feel free to answer it.Try to remember youre not talking to 10 year olds before you give your explanation.Im just curious to see the responses to be honest.I know I wont see a real answer.
  15. First of all, I said Kimi,not Kleaneasy.Your response is nothing more than mine,which is just an opinion.Kimi is actually part of the game. I want to hear her responses.Secondly Klean I would hope you know thats bs as far as them not knowing about the preorders.Unless Ubi has some super secret and different method for doing preorders with Gamestop.Why not answer some real questions? Like why the beta is on Xbox only? I just want some real answers to some real questions.I want to know why the xbox needs a "beta" and we dont. Sorry for seeming harsh but this is getting ridiculous with all the "acting like this didnt happen" talk.
  16. Kimi,when it was announced why not just say there will be other methods of getting it instead of saying we "may" be able to? You guys knew there would be other ways when you said that,not everyone knows it was likely to happen.Also we are supposed to believe that the "beta" is to improve the game.If Im on PC what kind of message do you think that sends to the rest of us? To me it says that our platforms obviously arent as important.If this beta is to actually improve the game then why is it on just one platform?
  17. Im so glad I started reading this forum again.Discussing something like this on the official forums would be plagued with ass kissers. Im all for both sides but some of the people over there just love to except mediocre games and horrible support.Why do some of us stick around? Ive noticed WhiteKnight and a few others couldn't take it anymore.Maybe we should let them have the Ubi forums and we can all use just this one lol.
  18. Well Im not trying to stir anything up. It just rubs me the wrong way when grown adults know how something is or looks yet act like its ok or it isnt a problem.Its obvious what they were doing.Yes they did say it was for a limited time,but that could mean a couple things to most people.I never seen them come out on the official forums or anywhere for that matter when it was announced and say we will be able to get it later through preorder if we didnt get SCC.Its a lot of misdirection through careful wording and advertising. Its like saying fans "may" be able to get the beta later on.They say "may" when they know for a fact people will be able to, but that one word makes people question if they want to take that chance.Its basically the same thing with "limited" or "exclusive".If they made it well known that SCC would not be the only way to get into the beta before it went live then sales would of been lower.No matter how dumb it may seem a lot of people got SCC for the FS beta.
  19. I dont think anyone is denying they said that from the beginning Tinker.The point is that they made it a little misleading.I know everywhere I looked when it was announced didnt have "limited time" plastered all over the articles as prevalently as just "Exclusive" if at all.How can nobody see this? At the least it was bad wording.
  20. I dont see your point.It doesnt matter where it was said. As far as the forum you might be right,at which point it could easily be locked if rules were broken.Threads shouldnt be locked because somebody thinks this or that will happen.
  21. Not in the UK mate, i have the XBOX 360 version of Splinter Cell Conviction and nowhere does it mention "exclusive" outside or inside the box or even on the disc itself lol. Then tell it to Ubi because thats who said it.
  22. Actually I just now seen the topic in the SCC forum.Im not really sure why you locked it,doesnt appear to break any rules.Its a legitimate dicussion on how people feel about the beta not being so exclusive.Seems like you just dont want it to spill into that forum to me.This type of stuff needs to be discussed klean.
  23. Well Im not as single track minded as I seem as far as convincing.I just know how screwed up Ubi is to its fans. Im a customer and customers like reassurance,and you guys simply dont give it enough.The devs dont visit the forums anymore and they are pretty much dead.When the devs do talk they give long time GR fans crap for being concerned about the direction of the game.Ubis ego will eventually backfire.Look at SCC,enough said.
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