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  1. Only because it is unrealistic to expect this tech to be used in the field anytime soon (next 10-15 years).
  2. But aren't these just improvements on technologies that have existed and been fielded for many years? Active camo is a completely different ballgame.
  3. Exactly! It took ten years simply due to bureaucratic reasons. Now consider that same bureaucratic molasses must be overcome in addition to the not-insignificant technological breakthroughs required for these items when attempting to imagine when they might actually be fielded. These technologies aren't anywhere close to being fashioned in a form ready for use in the field, and even when they are, it will still take years before they are actually in use outside of the lab. Right now they don't even work properly. When they do, they must not only work properly, but be durable, long-lasting,
  4. Predicting the future is an impossible task, and things you expect to be coming end up hopelessly delayed or are never adequately developed (flying cars), while things you could have never predicted pop up and change the world in relatively quick fashion (GPS). That said, if I had to guess, exoskeletons might be fielded by ground troops in 20-25 years or so. Stand-alone active camo like that portrayed in the game is probably closer to 40-60 years away. Of course nano-tech advancements might be a complete game-changer and switch things up in ways we can't even comprehend. Ghost Recon:
  5. Exactly. You summed it up perfectly. You have to draw a line somewhere, and for my personal tastes, Ubisoft is drawing the line waaaaaay too far away from believable. When you're talking about 'future tech' there is a massive range of what you could be referring to -- from items that are essentially completely designed and functional and just waiting to go into full-scale production and can be expected to be fielded in the next 5-10 years (which is where I would prefer the line be drawn), to technology that is actually being developed and shows some promise but is a long, long way away from
  6. You might want to remember sigs/avatars designed to create/support hate groups arnt allowed on ubi Yeh and that sillyness won't be tolerate here either. Seriously the "not buying" crowd are really over reacting a tad, this is a very short promo piece and putting too much emphasis on what is imparted in a few seconds is not a good idea. Even the cloaking thing, this is tech that is probably well underway in DARPA labs and there is a probablility that it will be used in some form, come the actual time that FS is set in. I guess I'm saying, don't say now something that someone might q
  7. One of the guys on the GR forums posted these links Its worth noting the dates of the videos as well Yes, these are the parlor tricks I was talking about. Doing this with a projector and camera is far removed from a standalone active camo cloak system.
  8. There are limits to this. Including a prototype assault rifle is a lot different than featuring exoskeletons and active camouflage. Even when they're real?? If a game set in the future is meant to be realistic why would it not include real weaponry? It depends on how you define 'real'. Because personal active camo technology appears to be quite a ways off from anything that could actually be fielded. Right now what's being shown is closer to a parlor trick than something that will have real-world applications in the foreseeable future. And something much more grounded -- the HULC e
  9. There are limits to this. Including a prototype assault rifle is a lot different than featuring exoskeletons and active camouflage.
  10. Limit the weaponry, field gear, and electronics to that which is currently found in RW SOF armories/inventories, and leave the prototype? bells and whistles to follow on expansions/packs...assuming of course, that those pipe dreams are ever actually fielded, and that the game merits expansion. I 100% agree with this although sadly I fear it's a request that will not be heeded. At the very least, limit the effectiveness of prototype equipment to what can actually be expected. For example, it seems the HULC exoskeleton might make the game. If it does, it better not make you run faster or ju
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