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  1. PM Sent and Thank you!!!! I didnt expect this but checked earlier today hoping, and was shocked to see my username.
  2. GT: ResidentPSYCHO Avatar: Male Thanks
  3. Great job on the wallpapers! Not quite the right res for my screen(1280x768) sadly.
  4. Thanks for informing me, I had not realised Q1 could mean April-July, and also January - March
  5. That would be Q2, is that what you mean or are you just assuming it wont make it to Q1?
  6. Neither code working for the UK but great price for US.
  7. Nice, I wonder why that footage isnt shown in other videos.
  8. Thanks and also 30+ other weapons all customisable with things such as laser designators, optical sites etc.
  9. Interesting points, I am glad the cloak has a time limit as it is too powerful. Also another point worth mentioning is that several missions will involve playing with out all of the tech - as a civilian. I am hoping that this will be done well enough to satisfy the need for more of a tactical approach.
  10. Have not seen these posted here yet(other than the 3 in the Wallpaper pack) so for all those who have not seen these, check out Gamespot for all 10 new GRFS images. There are also a few others in lower res at monoxbox. I have not found the non watermarked versions of these yet.
  11. The gameplay footage looks very sleek and fluid, its certainly looking like an impovement over GRAW for me. They seem to have ditched the need for a cloak when going invis. . . I agree that it is unrealistic for the AI to fail to hear the footsteps going up the stairs and the outline from such a short distance, although shouldnt be so much of a problem in mp. Still, with quite some time before the release I am impressed. And - much preferring the new minimalistic on screen interface
  12. Is this store specific? I already have it preordered at shopto.net
  13. Great read, v interesting, thanks.
  14. Ok Rocky, I hope you dont mind. I have managed to tweak your theme for my set up. Soma small changes as obviously I didnt have access to your images. Iv posted it online at https://www.getpersonas.com/en-US/persona/204278 It should be useful for anyone with not such a high res screen. Heres what it looks like for me now if you want to compare from my previous post. http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t310/redswoo/prtscn.png?t=1272994027
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