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  1. I'm curious (but then, when am I not?) Is there a way you can take weapons from certain mods and use them for personal weapon packs? For instance, I have the mod Unreal Recon and I really like some of the weapons but dislike the actor models; is there a way I can take the weapons for personal use? (By personal use, I mean not posting them up for download but for my use only)

  2. What game are those pics from anyway?


    Well, if you take just a moment to look up at the title of this forum

    \ Ghost Recon \ GR (PC) - Modding \ GR - Mod Finder
    It should be pretty obvious what Game this is about :P

    and if you click on any of the links in this thread, they go to..... Ghost Recon Mod downloads

    . . . . . It's Ghost Recon

    You smart-alec! I was talking about the pics the thread starter put up!

  3. .vcl files go into the main actor folder.

    .pob files into the model folder

    .rsb files can go anywhere, usually in the textures folder. (I tend to create a vehicles folder in the textures folder to keep it organised.)

    Thanks Tinker! I have BajaBravo's actor pack and I've been wondering where I should have put it.

  4. I just finished Red Storm Rising last night and it was a ###### for me to get through. The most frustrating ones for me was Red Dawn and Travels. The one part about this campaign that I disliked was the Heroes Unleashed having to be a part of it because I hate having my enemies being able to spot me from five miles away.

  5. I have seen quite a few excellent mods for Ghost Recon but I have yet to see single player mods based on the following

    Revolutionary War


    Another G.I. Joe (other then the one I already have)

    Star Wars

    Star Trek (Federation vs Klingons or maybe Romulans)

    Fighting off an alien invasion.

    So many warped ideas for a single game.

  6. Thanks Tinker, I'll send you a PM. At the moment, I'll be studying each and every mod I have in search of any other maps that look like their somewhere in North America. I am intending for the campaign to be for single player. The Hotel map in Blood Oil that I was looking at I was thinking of making the scene of an assassination/espionage mission.

    But as I said before, I have the general ideas but I am a complete noob at using IGOR. I can make the actors and vehicles move but it's the scripting and objective completion I'm having trouble with at the moment. I just made a test level but the enemy tank still guns down its own men as well as the Ghosts so you can imagine the level I'm at in learning IGOR.

  7. Okay, I think I have a pretty good idea on what I want to use but I'll give a better explanation on the campaign.

    Title: American Resistance

    Story: Due to political backstabbing, the American sovereignty has been dissolved in favor of forming a North American Union with Canada and Mexico. With a civilian resistance movement, the Ghosts must fight another war in their own homeland to retain America's independance.

    Heroes: Ghosts and Civilian Resistance agents

    The weapons I want to add on are the C4 and door breach charges from Centcom while the maps I want to use are the stock maps for the larger battles while the modded maps I can use are

    Blood Oil:

    Bo 06

    Bo 08 ( I love that hotel map!)

    The Save Santa 3 map

    Punisher Mappack:

    Ocean City



    Lake Retreat





    Jungle Camp

    Ski Slope

    That's my map list so far unless I misunderstood Tinker but I want to use a mixture of Ghosts and Civilians as the heros while the Civilian Resistance is comprised of civilians ranging from the standard civilians to teenagers (both male and female).

    Most of the action is going to be small strikes and other Resistance tactics mixed with larger battles.

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