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  1. I'm curious (but then, when am I not?) Is there a way you can take weapons from certain mods and use them for personal weapon packs? For instance, I have the mod Unreal Recon and I really like some of the weapons but dislike the actor models; is there a way I can take the weapons for personal use? (By personal use, I mean not posting them up for download but for my use only)
  2. I recently downloaded the Starship Troopers mod and played with it for a bit. Is the creator of this mod ever going to finish it?
  3. Got the Rambo and am having a lot of fun with it!
  4. As far as the name of your special unit, maybe something along the lines of the Global Security Force? Something that sort of masks the unit's true purpose.
  5. Hmmm...I'm looking forward to down loading this campaign upon its completion! I've always wanted to play a campaign where you're the bad guys!
  6. I've owned the original GR since it first came out and I have yet to play the game online with other players. One problem is trying to find an available server since the MP system appears to be different from the Call of Duty MP where you can get a list of servers.
  7. I think I've seen parts of that map in Heroes Unleashed (At least that's what I think the mod is called.)
  8. So these two pics are from the Trafic Columbia mod? I have the mod and I haven't seen this map. Sorry, I meant mission, not map.
  9. Well, if you take just a moment to look up at the title of this forum It should be pretty obvious what Game this is about and if you click on any of the links in this thread, they go to..... Ghost Recon Mod downloads . . . . . It's Ghost Recon You smart-alec! I was talking about the pics the thread starter put up!
  10. I've been curious about who did those Christmas songs on the Save Santa 3 mod. My cousin's daughter loved the tune that played during the extraction sequence.
  11. Thanks Tinker! I have BajaBravo's actor pack and I've been wondering where I should have put it.
  12. Okay, just to prove my noobishness(as well as the fact that I can't find anywhere else to put this) where are these packs supposed to be stored in order to access them via IGOR?
  13. And I'm still working on the general storyline and researching various maps and other items that would make the campaign interesting. I'll keep you updated, Tinker. (Never really realised exactly how much work goes into making mods and campaigns- you vets have my respect! *tips the metaphorical hat*
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