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  1. I found a line in a file that says <var name="ai_precision" value="1"/> To make less accurate, do I lower this value by using decimals, or make the value 2 or 3 or whatever? Also, in the same folder that has the u_teammates file is one for u_mex_special_forces, which includes a line: <var name="skill_shooting" value="1.8"/> Also in the latter case, which direction would the value move to make the character less accurate?
  2. I'm just tinkering with a few settings so far. I've increased my squadmates hitpoints, but what file would I need to look at to find the player's hitpoints? I also have two questions. 1. Is there a way to make the enemy AI less accurate? I mean, I've been shot to pieces by a guy who was so far away, the red dot from my aimpoint almost completely covered him up. If the AI could be changed to be a bit less accurate, I wouldn't feel the need to give my team more hitpoints. 2. Is there a way to get your AI team mates to fire one round at a time, or in burst mode? It just doesn't seem likely that special forces would just walk around spraying the world with bullets. Thanks for your help.
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