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  1. They're finally going completely sci-fi huh? Just saw the new trailer. A cloak blanket? Seriously? All right, we all know the franchise was heading this way, just sooner or later. I mean, look at that mumbo-jumbo EndWar. It's plot took place only seven years after GRAW2. We don't know exactly which year they are going to place the events of GR4 in, but we can definately expect more EndWar-ish high-tech hyperboles. http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/bigbo...58553_front.jpg [post merged with the existing discussion thread and way oversize image change to URL]
  2. Who the heck is Ali G? Anyway, I don't see any problem with the subtitle 'Future Warrior'(aside from being alittle corny) , and the plot of the game does take place in near future, just like the previous GRAW games.
  3. What's with the M4, when you already listed HK416? They're essentially same gun, the latter having better reliablity though. And Beowulf??? Geez, that M4 variant is barely heard of, much less used by any professional army. There are other M4 variants out there that are far more inventive and funnier than a .50 M4, e.g. chainsaw:http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp2/Xen...1162009-006.jpg Seriously, I'm contended with the Graw2 arsenal as-is. Rather than throw in a whole bunch of guns, they should put their focus on balancing and realistic-ize those guns they have been using through out the franchise.
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