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  1. I'm at the mission where you have to lead three tanks through this town and not lose any, while clearing three areas of enemies. Pretty tough mission. I can't seem to keep up with the tanks , they get out in fornt and are taken out by rockets. Anyone have any tips to get past these points and clear that screen??
  2. Aww, I found the answer to my own question n the GR.net site, damn these guys are good. http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/recon0007.htm
  3. Dont have the PC version, what are they on that??
  4. Okay, another no manual question, what exactly do the 4 letters stand for in the individual soildiers attributes?? W, E, S, L Im guessing weapons ability, endurance, stealth, logic.... Should know when assigning the extra points earned. Thanks for help.
  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I thank you again sir.
  6. No, same xbox, figure symbols are same thruout for game play.....will add PC in future. Do you think the icons/symbols onscreen would be different?
  7. Since I don't have the manual for GR, and am a newbie........ Can anyone just tell me the nature of each icon on screen during campaigns. the weapons are obvious, but the control pad icon, the white arrows are pointing at what ?? -the other (alpha or beta) team? Sometimes there's two white arrows.... Also, lower left corner, is it rank and what else? Thanks...
  8. Hi, just bought GR from Blockbuster, but there's no namual and I know Im missing out on some points....anyone know of a site I can download an xbox manual or copy and paste one off a site?? Also, cant seem to find the Gold version for xbox, only pc... Neebie here...what can I say??
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