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  1. Well hello Ghost Recon followers, it's been too many years since I last checked in here, and for some reason thought a SITREP would not go amiss!! As many of you know, I left the modding scene to go to Iraq as a PMC back in 2004, well I'm still here (Basrah) 9 years later, having been here through out the whole 9 years, I've lost many good friends to enemy action and simple accidents, but I'm alive and well, and still loving life!! I now work as a rig security manager for a Chinese drilling company, easy life, but long hours, my days of scooting and shooting are gone, it's a very changed Iraq since 2004, from 2004-2008 it was war, pure and simple, I've been shot at , blown up, IDF'd so many times I lost count, but I'd never swap it in a lifetime. I have made friends for life out here, brothers in arms, we've been through Hell and lived to laugh another day!!. I've not modded since I left, but have dusted off Photoshop and 3ds max, and have started tinkering again, it's amazing how much I've forgotten! Anyway, out of courtesy I thought I'd let the Ghost Recon community know I am still VERY MUCH ALIVE, and loving life, and now also live the dream out in Thailand, where I've been living for the past 12 months, Scotland sucked, hated being there, marriage fell apart due to me prefering the lifestyle of what being a PMC offers, not the lavish one, but I prefered to be with similar people, and couldn't mix or fit in when I was going on leave, such as life, my kids are fine with me not being there, I see them as often as I can, but they're grown up now, as have many of you guys.. Rocky, you're still the man dude!!!
  2. Just a quick hello to let the forum members who know me that I'm still alive and kicking and still in Iraq, currently in Basrah ... Took up a new hobby.........skydiving got 17 jumps in now, love it, and it sure as hell beats getting IED'd every mission when I ran the roads LOL ....... Stay frosty peeps!!!
  3. Hello mate, I sent you an email mate, was begginng to wonder if you were A-OK, glad to see you're good mate.....I sent it to your yahoo account bro, hope all is well Pal ?
  4. Hmmm I googled and couldn't find, that looks a sweet render!!
  5. Zebb, what's the picture from your signature? Pz3 I have one mate , a gaming one at that!!
  6. Thought GB was just in the idea/develpment stage, and hadn't actually been finished yet?
  7. Well folks it's been a while, I'm still very much alive and kicking, and entering my 5th year in Iraq, still doing the Security Contracting, and I'm now currently back in Basra, I've been a Convoy Team Leader during last year, and got whacked more times than I can recount, but still plodding on, however I've now gone full circle, and am now back doing PSD, as the Convoy contract was closed down, but have been with the same company now for the past 16 months, and am very happy where I am...I've lost several friends over the course of my time here, it's a small world, and when you travel you're face becomes known, hell I have my own goffers when I get to the Queen Aliyah in Amman, who look after me and my luggage, and I never have to wait in que's!!...I've not played GR, or any of the newer versions since I left home in 2004
  8. Been a while, but I'm still alive and kicking, still doing the Security stuff out in Iraq.......had a few scrapes last month but still here with all my faculties to tell the tales..... On a serious note, has Marcinko called in recently?
  9. I've just got back from 4 months in Iraq, and bought this game the other day, patched it up to the latest version...... Man what can I say, this is very disapointing, I have a pretty new PC (last year), and it struggles to run this on low settings, it constantly freezes, it's laggy, it's not what I expected from the Ghosts.....Rainbow 6 last game ran super smooth, this is very dissapointing. Last thing I want is to search for fixes, I expect for the price id for a game that works, and not crashes, initially it failed to install.....fixed that, updated drivers.....it's still slow.... I doubt this will remain on my H/D for very long......
  10. Prozac,is that a mod for Far Cry? Looks pretty good to me
  11. Yep,stay low and fast and watch your six!!.......If I'm back down that way I'll give you a bell nearer the time..
  12. Buddy,all the great modders suddenly woke up at one time and said "Sod it,I've had enough"........I've done it several times,my reasosn were simple,modding was overtaking my private life,I spent too much time doing what others wanted,and not what my family wanted.......You're one of the most talented modders on the scene today,I see a lot of myself in you,I loved modding but I had to stop and take time out. Since I've been in Iraq I've not done any modding,I've not modded for nearly two years.....I miss it..........but real life is more important.......my advice to be honest is DONT pass on your work,it was your labour of love,and it's you who needs to finish it when you can Keep the faith buddy........even Swartz has hit the doldrums before,look at him now,one of the best if not the best in the business.
  13. I thought it said the weapons were from the DTD Team mod ?
  14. Very very nice eSkwaad.......10/10......great work!!
  15. Is that based on the waverider protec and the BBi 1/6th fig stuff I pointed you towards?......stop teasing mate,post a screen of that little beauty!!!!
  16. Eskwaad, Is that a chr model in your signature,it looks superb if it is!!!!
  17. Nice M4 SG,but it's missing the empty case deflector This is my M4.......
  18. Some of you guys are pretty close,some are so far off the track a GPS couldn't help you!! Guys Covert Ops have been using low profile tactics since it's concept,don't jump to conclusions,and there are PSD contractors like me,who have been using the same profiles ALL OVER IRAQ,including places such as Fallujah,so stop getting carried away with romantic notions!! There was nothing sinister with this mission,until the guys were approached by armed men in civilian uniform,under their ROE's they took what actions were neccesary to avoid being compromised,however these armed men turned out to be Corrupt Cops! How can I say this,because it's fact that 60% maybe more of the Basra cops are also Militia,tensions are getting very high down here in the South,a few days ago there was an incident involving PSD's,along the same lines as the Brit Guys,but thanks to the Danes who were providing QRF and serious incident was avoided!!!
  19. Outstanding work there mate,outstanding!!
  20. Came across all 3 types in Baghdad,fiercely competative,but all very proffesional,Army SOF tended to be more talkative when approached,NSW were like "Get the f..k outta ma space Limey!!" That being said I became very friendly with some guys from TEAM 3,who were all asked to try for DEVGRU,all declined as it wasn't their scene. The UKSF suffer the same stories guys,I've worked with ex Regiment blokes who were complete crap at the job,and their man management skills were pathetic!!
  21. Nice model Chems,have you tried making one with the basket Protection like the strykers? I've seen one or two of them kicking around Basrah!
  22. Browsing the SWAT websites,I've seen guys equiping their Teams with the Protec Helmet,has anyone been able to do this for SP mode. It's bloody hard trying to "arrest/detain" suspects without just going in and slotting them!! I'm getting to like this game
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