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  1. Hello rahnman You're my savior, I did not know we could change the kits through arrows (i'm best noob ) So many many thanks for your great help. I wish you good lucke for the completion of your mod ... I will test when you release it. Have a good night et thanks yet
  2. Hey all Sorry for my ignorance but: Please, in some dedicated co-op, is there legal way to choose a different selection of weapons than those proposed in the early choices of mission. I know there's the "BRETTZIES Weapons mod" but I'd like to use other weapons official games. Thanks for your answers
  3. Hello all At first, thanks all for your great job .... Second... i'm new here so here's a brief introduction: - I'm french, 38 old years, married and 4 children. - My games were Ravenshield (and mapping) which I abandoned for COD4..... and nostalgia overtook me so I come back to play closer to my beliefs Here I come to you because then I just take a dedicated server and I was wondering if you could tell me if you know a script "php server query" for GRAW 2 I know... I would not find as well as n4admin in RVS, but at least a small basic script set up on the homepage of my website (as gametracker) Many thanks for your help and sorry for my bad English
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