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  1. Hello John Thank you very much for your efforts to motivate me. I must admit that it is not easy for me, but I do not discourage easily, especially if it is to make a small contribution to the GR community. When i begun RvS mapping, it was difficult (there were French tutorial for UnrealEd) but i have released some map with success. I want to make the same here I thank you all for your great help Gorilla
  2. Ok I think I still have to read the editor tutorial, i have missing a lot of thing I'm sorry to bother you to do things in front of my nose. So I returned to my work now and hope to see clear. Maybe I should print wiki pages and well respected stages Many thanks Tinker
  3. I'm sorry but after making my patrol path node with patrol types(Pingpong_Recon) Nothing is happening, normally, the patrol should follow the path that I was determined. Would I again missed something? I said that this patrol is part of "start_mission" Thanks Gorilla
  4. Hi Tinker Many many thanks for your help Path node working now I have two "ins" key: one on "0" num pad (don't work) and the same as your keyboard (working fine) Thank you Tinker
  5. Hello all I try to make path node but don't work for me... When i read the "editor tutorial" i see: So, i selected my human with patrol setting, i pressed P to put my first path, i pressed Mouse 1 to put second path node, but not work, just human deselect. Someone can tell me who resolve this problem, please ? Many thanks Regards Gorilla
  6. Hello Bogie, At first, thank you for your quick answer, your help is much appreciate Now it all seems cleaner in my head. In fact, I had not made the difference between the "trigger" and "event". It seemed too simple to be true, but I will not give up as long I will obviously take time to read and reread the scripting tutorial and analyze your mission.xml for at least succeed in placing every trigger and Mexico. After having understood and assimilated the operation, I go into phases of vehicles and C4 damaged Cheers Gorilla
  7. I'm agree totaly with, but perhaps it because there no more server and...... all Iron Wrath and Athena Sword maps are converted for RvS. And Ubisoft love keep control on multiplayers servers. Buy the game, play one or two years and buy another game. I remember a discussion between SOD Sniper and someone at UBI. Initially, we wanted to know if we could hope to obtain the source code of RvS. The response was swift: No way .... a game is not made to last, the PC community has enough advantage (modding, mapping) for not being able to get more. We have done well feel that the console was more profitable in terms of game rotation.
  8. Hello all If I may, I need your great knowledge for some small issues. I begin my first mission, and I have a little trouble understanding some things about the "mission.xml" file. I am based file standard wiki. 1- At the red line: This corresponds to the objectives of the mission? 2- At the red and blue lines: At the red line: Is what it means when we move on this trigger, the enemy is activated? At the blue line, what does this line since "t_loc_trig02" is part of location 02? I'm sorry but it's difficult for me to translate a video but lot of thanks for your help Regards
  9. Hi Radiator Thanks for your answer.. much appreciate In fact, I expected to find something more simple, a sort of Static viewer to quickly see what each object. A simple example: I want to put a metal plate in front of my spawn ... I have to look long to find among the objects. But your trick can actually be a temporary solution to my request. Thanks for that Radiator
  10. Hello Bogie I will speak very sincerely: The first time I tried this mission, I must confess that I was not very playful. Not because of the mission itself, but because of the lighting effects too intense, very clear. But, I must say it's really beautiful ... at some point, to the ADAT C it seems, the effects of radiation from the sun between the buildings is the most beautiful. The addition of two tanks and several vehicles makes the game really intense at strategic points. The addition of frogs makes a beautiful suite at "Bear Bogie v1.6b" For cons, I do not know if my ears do not work well but at the "hemtt B", i got killed several times by a rocket launcher hidden. When we come to the right of the HEMTT B, we heard footsteps difficult to discern because of the engine. There would not a Mexican enclosed in a wall or another? I have not encountered any lag, game is very fluid. For cons, I could not complete the mission, the server crashed with the usual error: Crash in application version: 30899.3048 Out of memory allocating 245788 bytes Renderer: threaded Physics : normal[/code] after 85 minutes Great job Bogie, it's a lovely mission
  11. Hey all After reading and rereading the wiki and Grin_Wolfsong tutorials (with very big difficulty) I think understand the basics of modding, i try to make my first mission......... but here it is: Old habits with UnrealEd (for RavenShield) remains anchored. I would slightly change the location of objects but how quickly to identify object in the list of static as like on RavenShield Staticmeshes Browser? Or anyway to simply the job? Thanks for help Gorilla
  12. Hi, I confirm, this map is on our |J4F| rahnmans mod maplist and work perfect on coop
  13. Are you using the first person Brettzies mod version? If so, I must first know if Brettzies allows me to share the final version unbundled (the same |J4F|Friends use) Same as mexicobob, this version can resolve your problem
  14. Hi Scope Just one question please: Have you lunch the game with bp_weapons_pack_v2.05.bat shortcut? If no, you must launch game with this to recognized
  15. I think it's because the server location is U.K ....
  16. Hello, After approximately 110 minutes of play with mexicobob, server crash with: Crash in application version: 30899.3048 Out of memory allocating 1866436 bytes Renderer: threaded Physics : normal[/code] But i think it's not serious. It was only the supply and Adat A objective. My first impression: Very nice map and mission, rapid sniper assault, but I think more interesting in recon. Try to avoid a maximum of Mexican. I don't see major bug, no lag and good fps Perhaps it would be interresting to have two or three more tanks to slow the progression. But I leave mexicobob give its opinion to be also very interresting Great job John
  17. Hi John Uploaded and ready for test at |J4F|rahnmans mod server Many thanks Cheers
  18. Hello everybody Sorry for uploading delay on |J4F|rahnmans mod (little dsl connection) We're go test this night and report first impression
  19. A big thank you for your understanding.... amazing mod, it would be a shame not to continue to discover
  20. @ mexicobob: If you want play us on Brettzies |J4F| server, we run the first personn mod here In the package, there's just bundle version (don't work for me and |J4F|friends) so, i have unbundled this package to get: 'bp_weapons_pack_v2.05 folder' 1- Just put this on your GRAW 2/local folder 2- Put bp_weapons_pack_v2.05.bat on GRAW2 install directory and create a shorcut on desktop 3- On 'context_bp_weapons_pack_v2.05.xml', make this change like this (red character): @ mexicobob and Brettzies: This unbundled package is avaible on download on our website (just for |J4F|friends we're ten) I give you the |J4F| level to download this @Brettzies: I hope it does not bother you that I share this version with Just 4 Fun friends
  21. When i read this: I hope the context will not be the same as COD MW2 No dedicated server, no mod tools. Why just for Xbox360? Intentional forgetting players pc for beta testing?
  22. None of this, it is rather: There will be a good deal of multiplayer in the next big game Assassin's Creed
  23. Perhaps this can help you: My structure folder on win 7 64 bits GRAW2 folder: Image Local folder: Image I use the unbundled version Hope that help
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