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  1. Hello John and Zero :)

    Thanks for reply and I'm sorry to answer so late, but my wife wanted me to leave the pc for a moment.

    So, i 'm understand your reply, i hope perhaps Bogie will be me more.

    I do not know the functioning of 3Dmax .... but I should try :whistle:



  2. Hello all :)

    For my new project, I combine two different landscapes.

    The record is pretty good but then there is always a problem :(

    I did a test in the editor (L + F8) but when I reach a certain level of landscape number 1, it's impossible to advance further.

    Yet there is no "Mover" at this location.

    Then I ask myself this question:

    Is it possible to combine 2 different landscapes?

    Thanks for your reply ;)



    EDIT: It's two clean landscapes

  3. I was so glad to see the mission completed.

    I do not know what to say, it really ######s shame :(:(

    These errors should not have been.... i'm very but very sorry.

    John say:

    If you want me to reversion it for you then let me know.

    If you have time, yes you can.... I avoid it remade other error

    pffff...the shame on me :wall:

  4. Hi Gorilla,

    When you are ready to release your mission just post it in the Mission Modding forum along with a description of the mission, take a look at some other releases there to get an idea of how we do it.

    It would also make your download entry look better if you could include a screenshot that I can add to the download, the screenshot should be no more than 450 pixels wide but I can re-size it if you wish.

    When you have added your release thread send me a PM so I know the mission is released then I will close this thread, you may already know all this but I thought it worth mentioning.

    Thanks, :thumbsup:


    Ooops, sorry, i don't see your reply

    Public release is here

    Thanks a lot John :thumbsup:

    I send you MP now

  5. Hello all :)

    My first mission is now ready for public release.

    Above all, I want to thank John TC02 and Bogie for their valuable assistance (without them I would not know where I would be today)

    Big thanks for us :thumbsup:



    - Mission name: coop_gorilla_quarry_forest_v2

    - Mission time: Night

    - Number of AI: 414

    Map: Quarry remixed by |J4|Gorilla

    Mission author: |J4|Gorilla

    File size: 12.3 Mb

    version: 2



    The troops of Colonel Santiago (fiction) are entrenched in an old disused quarry in order to reorganize itself after the failure of their last battle.

    It is imperative to prevent the return of forces, in which case we may see our strategy of compromise final assault.

    Your mission, should you accept it consists of 6 objectives:

    1/ Secure and open the tunnel destroying the HEMTT that blocks the passage to allied troops

    2/ Destroy the Mule 1 overlooking the forest

    3/ Destroy the Mule 2 on the main axis

    4/ Destroy the Adat to secure airspace

    5/ Destroy the last Tank Squadron

    6/ Attach C4 to blow the door

    7/ Join the extraction point

    Note: The Havoc does not disappear, I suggest you destroy them to be quiet

    Special thanks to:

    John TC02 and Bogie for help; Davros @ graw2 wiki; Ghostrecon.net;

    mexicobob, Anthony, Viper714 and AGB team, rahnman and TAW zero, TAW team, Tinker.... I hope I have forgotten anyone :unsure:

    Many thanks for all :thumbsup:



  6. Hey there's mo misunderstandings here Gorilla, I was only joking. :lol:;)

    Oufffff..... :P

    @ rahnman:

    With hindsight, I totally agree with you.

    I think the fact of wanting to "impose" a path has been poorly biggest mistake on this mission .... nevertheless, I think she is still very playable.

    It is certain that I would never do the same mistake next time :whistle: .... i hope

    Otherwise, I think that this mission was a great personal success ... in the sense that I learned many things, I did a lot of mistakes which I will not reproduce in the future :)

    Now that the corrections are made, it remains for me to release to the public.

    This topic can perhaps be closed?

    Many thanks for all helper and tester ;)


  7. Hello John :)

    I had a chance to test the day version 1.3 of your mission.

    Thank you for that but I think the night version is more successful, but the problems that you bishops are common so:

    I didn't really find anything else to add that's not been mentioned here already, I think Bogie said that some areas are repopulated with AI after I had cleared them, for me this is not a big issue but it's more of a realism thing as this wouldn't happen in real life.

    Indeed, when we destroyed the tank, the AI appear at the stairs leading to the mule01.


    At the beginning of the creation of the mission, I panicked with the positioning of loc_trig.

    I have therefore devised a route that would be:

    1/ Tunnel

    2/ Mule01

    3/ Mule02

    4/ Adat

    5/ Tank

    6/ Extraction

    That's why I added the AI between the tank and extraction.

    While the area was cleaned ... but a patrol returning from mission :P:P

    I did notice in some areas that some snipers appeared where there was none before, one in particular was on the mountain opposite the tunnel where the Hemtt was, I checked that area before I went in the tunnel but after I came out there was a RPG sniper there.

    A sniper in reality must be patient, hidden and take advantage of events ..... in this case to eliminate a combat group in one fell swoop (that's what I learned during my years with the 2nd Infantry Regiment of Marines)

    For cons, the sniper does not fire if the loc-trig02 is activated

    For the barrel, initially, they were to join the smoke illuminated to give a semblance of radioactivity in the dark.

    I deleted them all.... because I had already removed the smoke.

    i deleted all "xag_tumbleweed" too.

    A few notes on your AI, I see in the world file that you are using patrols of 4 AI (mex_special_forces_patrol4) we have found that the AI will react better if you keep your patrol groups to a maximum of 3 (mex_special_forces_patrol3), I did notice some AI were sitting there doing nothing, this is due in some part to using groups of 4 AI.

    I read in the wiki: "Do not use groups larger than 4 or they will not move."

    That's why I put in the mission .... thank you for this valuable information :thumbsup:

    I have noted that it is better to reduce the Ai Spawn.

    I'm sorry to pick holes in you mission

    You need not be sorry if I am unable to understand that criticism can be contructions, it is better that I stop immediately ;)

    Anyway, I learned many things and as you say so, the errors this time will help me for future missions.

    But before releasing to the public, I would still finish correct some points:

    1/ Extraction zone too small

    2/ Add AI to the left of the mule 02 in the direction of the stairs

    As always, thank you for my learning :thumbsup:


  8. One thing, may I suggest in changing the objective from "Hole" to "Breach". It would make more sense and follow more of a military term.

    My fellow Military professionals, please confirm if my term is correct??

    Being too old professional soldier, I think the word is good but rather that my translation is bad.

    However, in the next version, it is more "breach" but "door" :P



  9. Hello Viper :)

    Thank you for reply...

    In fact, I used the PhysX and graphics options to max in the hope of seeing my computer to saturate areas deemed to have lag ... but without success.

    No lag for me, so I could not set things off.

    Regarding the version 1.2, it is not worth the try, I think I was too fast and a big bug appears at the C4 explosion just before the extraction. :(

    I am back to work this afternoon and found some things that caused problem:

    Anthony say:

    When I got to trigger 7 the message "Test Trigger 7 " remained on screen for several minutes, 5-10 and went when I changed weapon (played with Rahn mods by the way).

    Now, i know why:

    <element type="StartTrigger" name="t_loc_trig07" start_time="4"/>

    was present in the trig05 and trig06... so i delete one and it work good now :P

    But I still have a problem:

    I created a new props (following the tutorial: http://graw2.pbworks.com/Creating-Customised-Props) and now everything works very well for the objective 6 (put C4 and create hole) but I don't have texture on my door :(

    Perhaps someone can help me about this?



  10. Hello :)

    In fact, I think I misspoke, it's even harder than I do my best to translate words.

    I do not want you to think that I am against anyone ...

    I only regret having had the chance to have people like you who helped me a lot and I have not been able to release a version better than the first.

    I'm pretty tough on myself (quality and sometimes failing again).

    In short, I'm not desperate, I work all day on a new version and I think I have finally solved all problems.

    1/ Mines fixed

    2/ Extraction point and smoke color (red) fixed

    3/ C4 Hole fixed

    4/ Havoc must be destroy, They do not disappear as they will not be slaughtered.It further strengthens the tactics of the game

    5/ Adding some AI on extraction point

    6/ Adding some Zeus before extraction point

    7/ Adding respawn point after destroy Tank

    For the lag in certain areas is a bit difficult for me to correct the problem.

    The only way I found to see where could be areas lag was changing my game settings to maximum ... either:

    Resolution: 1920x1080

    PhysX: high

    All other options set to maximum

    Lowest FPS: 77

    Highest FPS: 173

    So for me no way to set this... i'm very sorry :(

    I hope this version will be better than the last.

    And let me say again, thank you for your help and your encouragement to all who sincerely go straight to my heart :)

    Download: Gorilla Quarry Forest v1.2



    EDIT: Don't use this.... bug at Hole objective and trigger 07 :(

  11. Hello :)

    Ok, I have considered all your comments. Thank you for taking the time to test and then give me your impression.

    Indeed, I myself tested real mission last night and all the things you've described, I've encountered.

    Then it happened?

    Without doubt I have wanted to go too fast when I make bundle?

    I met with concerns "invalid path" (I am very irritated) and I may be mistaken for files that should not be included.

    For before the make bundle, everything worked properly, I would never have dared to introduce a version as rotten :nono: .... yes it is my opinion, this version is simply rotten

    But through it would at least have learned the lesson we must take time, patience and ordered.

    So for me to forgive, I'll take the files one by one to check everything, correct the mistakes and finally brought me can be (hopefully) will release a version that looks like finally something. :o=

    I was much satisfied with my work on the first version, I am disgusted with the result of the last .... I may have been too confident :whistle:

    Anyway, thank you all very much for your help ... and now it remains for me to fresh start :yes:



  12. Hello John and Zero

    Thanks for your reply and help.


    This error screen normally indicates that there is an error with naming the prop or a path name within the prop.

    Check all the code for the dav_mines, as you have released a new version it might just be that you have not updated the version number in one of the lines of code, this is why Rahnman didn't see any mines is the mission due to the error he got the dav_mines will not load.

    Ok... there's an error at this step:

    All name and path just use:

    So it should be:

    It's like this?

    Why, then everything works fine with me?

    Strange one this, the only thing that can cause this is if you have changed the world_info.xml, check this file and make sure there are no "campaign" settings in there, the best way is to compare one of my world_info files to the one you are using in your latest version.

    There's no "campaign" setting on world_info.

    I know it takes patience, but what surprises me most since I have not made major changes since the first version that worked "well".

    Especially as it works well for me too (in local network and on our dedicated server)

    Sorry I haven't had a chance to test your map Gorilla, I have been bogged down with many problems getting my latest mission ready for testing.

    Don't worry for that, i know you lot of work :)

    @ Zero: yes i can change trees but the effect will be really over the same :(



  13. Hi rahnman,

    Thanks for test and report.

    So, for first and second report:

    It's very strange, i don't know what to say :(

    Yet I have changed nothing vital in the script. I upload this mission on our server and everything worked perfectly, no such message only appears.

    I do not know how to fix this problem.

    Third report:

    Humm.. perhaps my coordonate of the move order is no good...I must go check

    Fourth report:

    I do not see too what props I could remove, can be apart from the grass :unsure:


    All the mines operate, but it is clear that 30 mines on this mission is not much, I believe that luck is not no big thing :P

    But..., I knew it would be hard, but to point out a new version apparently worse than the first .. there I am just gunned down :(



  14. Hello all :)

    New beta version is release


    1/ Removing smoke effects to minimize the lag

    2/ Fixed respawn

    3/ Creating a respawn after destruction of the Hemtt (Objective 1 tunnel)

    4/ Machine gun fixed

    5/ Trees fixed

    6/ Adding some mover on the hill near the Objective 2 (mule 1)

    7/ Addition of 30 land mines on the entire map

    8/ Removing checkpoint 3 (near Adat) and 4 (near tank)

    9/ Fixed problem about C4 tank

    Tank objective added on checkpoint 2

    10/ Addition one objective before "extraction": Create a hole for extract

    11/ Fixed AI path (i hope)

    Download: Gorilla Quarry Forest v1.1

    A big thanks for all people for testing and report



  15. Hi Viper and Rahnmans :)

    At first, thanks for testing, report and taken screen :thumbsup:

    @ Viper:

    1/ I'll try to correct the AI path

    2/ Second screen: Mechanic working.... why not? :lol:

    3/ Trees are already fixed for next beta release

    @ Rahnmans:

    1/ ok, i'll correct this

    Thanks for you two ;)


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