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  1. Hello John... Not for me John.. I'm sorry for my absence at this moment .... my wife is angry so I prefer to avoid the rain before the storm broke
  2. Sorry Mexicobob, but I have not had time to try...but I'll try to do so as soon
  3. Hello John and Zero Thanks for reply and I'm sorry to answer so late, but my wife wanted me to leave the pc for a moment. So, i 'm understand your reply, i hope perhaps Bogie will be me more. I do not know the functioning of 3Dmax .... but I should try Thanks Gorilla
  4. Hello all For my new project, I combine two different landscapes. The record is pretty good but then there is always a problem I did a test in the editor (L + F8) but when I reach a certain level of landscape number 1, it's impossible to advance further. Yet there is no "Mover" at this location. Then I ask myself this question: Is it possible to combine 2 different landscapes? Thanks for your reply Regards Gorilla EDIT: It's two clean landscapes
  5. What I would not do without you Many thanks John
  6. I was so glad to see the mission completed. I do not know what to say, it really ######s shame These errors should not have been.... i'm very but very sorry. John say: If you have time, yes you can.... I avoid it remade other error pffff...the shame on me
  7. Thanks a lot John and rahnman I would try to do even better next time ....
  8. Ooops, sorry, i don't see your reply Public release is here Thanks a lot John I send you MP now
  9. Hello all My first mission is now ready for public release. Above all, I want to thank John TC02 and Bogie for their valuable assistance (without them I would not know where I would be today) Big thanks for us So: - Mission name: coop_gorilla_quarry_forest_v2 - Mission time: Night - Number of AI: 414 Map: Quarry remixed by |J4|Gorilla Mission author: |J4|Gorilla File size: 12.3 Mb version: 2 DOWNLOAD Description: Special thanks to: John TC02 and Bogie for help; Davros @ graw2 wiki; Ghostrecon.net; mexicobob, Anthony, Viper714 and AGB team, rahnman and TAW zero, TAW team, Tinker.... I hope I have forgotten anyone Many thanks for all Enjoy Gorilla
  10. Oufffff..... @ rahnman: With hindsight, I totally agree with you. I think the fact of wanting to "impose" a path has been poorly biggest mistake on this mission .... nevertheless, I think she is still very playable. It is certain that I would never do the same mistake next time .... i hope Otherwise, I think that this mission was a great personal success ... in the sense that I learned many things, I did a lot of mistakes which I will not reproduce in the future Now that the corrections are made, it remains for me to release to the public. This topic can perhaps be closed? Many thanks for all helper and tester Gorilla
  11. Oh... no... I did not say this with ulterior motive, quite the contrary. In any case I do wish there have misunderstood Thanks Gorilla
  12. Hello John Thank you for that but I think the night version is more successful, but the problems that you bishops are common so: Indeed, when we destroyed the tank, the AI appear at the stairs leading to the mule01. Why? At the beginning of the creation of the mission, I panicked with the positioning of loc_trig. I have therefore devised a route that would be: 1/ Tunnel 2/ Mule01 3/ Mule02 4/ Adat 5/ Tank 6/ Extraction That's why I added the AI between the tank and extraction. While the area was cleaned ... but a patrol returning from mission A sniper in reality must be patient, hidden and take advantage of events ..... in this case to eliminate a combat group in one fell swoop (that's what I learned during my years with the 2nd Infantry Regiment of Marines) For cons, the sniper does not fire if the loc-trig02 is activated For the barrel, initially, they were to join the smoke illuminated to give a semblance of radioactivity in the dark. I deleted them all.... because I had already removed the smoke. i deleted all "xag_tumbleweed" too. I read in the wiki: "Do not use groups larger than 4 or they will not move." That's why I put in the mission .... thank you for this valuable information I have noted that it is better to reduce the Ai Spawn. You need not be sorry if I am unable to understand that criticism can be contructions, it is better that I stop immediately Anyway, I learned many things and as you say so, the errors this time will help me for future missions. But before releasing to the public, I would still finish correct some points: 1/ Extraction zone too small 2/ Add AI to the left of the mule 02 in the direction of the stairs As always, thank you for my learning Gorilla
  13. Hi John As always, thanks for your great job Downloaded and uploaded on our server for test.
  14. Ok so: Download here: Gorilla Quarry Forest Night 1.3 Enjoy Gorilla
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