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  1. Should i ask why not bullpup? The L85A2 was praised for its acurracy, while most of Bullpup criticism is about it beign harder to operate in CQB (mag reload time, weight unbalanced...). Wouldn' t a Bullpup be perfect for DMRs/Sharpshooters?
  2. http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/9229/promob.png Well... First, i would like to say SORRY for the long time it has passed from the predicted release date. I went to Santos (beach, vacation...) here in Brazil and my PC stayed home (of course). Plus, i added 4 new Ghosts, from a fictional (also) brazilian SF called "Racoons". AND i am currently doing the Co-Op kits, but i'm having quite some problem with changing the characters appearance... Well, point is, it ISN'T done yet, BUT it will be done pretty soon. Just remembering as well - THE MOD IS DESIGNED FOR 3RD PERSON/OTS! That means most
  3. Just got Brettzies answer, saying that it was OK for me to use his mod. So, first, I'd like to thank you both (Snow and Brettzies) for the colaboration... Now, it's time for hardwork, since i want to release it before i travel on this friday. Looks like Multicam will be the Ghosts camo, winning 1x0 ( ) unless someone likes any other camo. I'll posting now a complete modification weapons list, for you guys to know whats going to be released: -M99 Barret: Standart, Mods: Scope, Aimpoint, ACOG. Other mods don't stay in the rail, they keep "floating" in the air. -M14: Standart, with Brett
  4. Multicam 1, others 0. SnowFella already said that it was ok for me to release the mod. Now i'm waiting a reply from Brettzies. Snow mentioned the issue with Co-Op/MP. I'll try to find a way to get Masadas + Brettzies + M4 acessories working, but i can't promise anything at the moment. Looks like I'll have to get REALLY creative to do this. And today I'm also trying to make a SCAR-L CQB version and a SCAR-H Standart Barrel version.
  5. Got it... Sending pm's now. I really hope they agree and let me release the compilation. And to complement it, today i got the M4 shotgun working with M1014 anims and buckshot rounds The only thing i can't assure is the correct alignment of the ironsights/scopes/red dots/acogs, after all, i play GRAW in the OTS mode, what means the alignment don't do any diference. Like the ACOG on the G36 for example, it won't be aligned in 1st Person, while in 3rd person it doesn't make any diferrence at all. Oh! And I just remembered, if the compilation gets released, i would like to ask you guys what
  6. As said by Brezzties in the Mk14 topic, most modders find the "fun part" of the thing creating the weapons -modelling. My idea is, since some people don't like doing the xml part of the thing, some don't know how to do the "xml-ing", they make the models (with the "only" pain being the texturing, UV mapping and converting the files to .diesel), send to uh... me where i can get the .diesel and the .dds togheter with the xmls and release it in a fully working and balanced way. This way we can speed up the modding by doing a sort of "production line". Or i'm just smoking too much...
  7. Uh, I managed to combine Brettzies, SnowFella's Magpul Masada (Guns and Acessories), M4 (Acessories only - AN/PEQ-2, M900 and X200) in one. Plus, I managed to enable the G36k, G36c and RPG-7 for selection... Plus i managed to get the AG36 working for the Xm8 compact, G36c, G36k and even the M4/M16. Oh, and the AK-74 is in in it as well. Plus my Ghosts wear Tiger Stripe camo Now that i stopped babling about my "mod colection", i would be happy to distribute it - BUT - i need both Brezzties and SnowFella to agree. They will get their "lots of very, very, very sincere thanks" in the credits a
  8. Name: Rafael Date of Birth: 11/03/90 Location: Brazil Occupation: Studying Romance Status: Almost there Image: Favorite Aspect of GR: The combat ... It is everything calm, then suddently everything heat up... Then it gets calm again... Least Favorite Aspect of GR: The AI, both in GR as GRAW Favorite GR Mod: I never played GR + mods, but for GRAW, no doubt my mod Favorite Ghost: Tunney and Stone- SAS ir really kick-ass Favorite Kit: The SA80 for GR, the XM8+M96 Flashlight+CompM4 Red Dot w. 3x zoom+silencer for GRAW Favorite Aspect of GR.net: Well... It provided me GRAW mo
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