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  1. The USMG is the first of it's kind. We are a noncompetitive clan comprised of active duty, reserve, guard and prior service military gamers from all branches of the military. If you would like to bark orders, practice constantly or employ real battlefield tactics, maybe this clan isn't for you. Just because this isn't a hardcore military realism clan doesn't mean we enjoy losing or don't give each match our all. If you're tired of playing in lobbies filled with kiddy chatter or with trash talking disrespectful gamers, then enlist today. No practice regimen. All working/student members are respected. At the end of the day, we're just a group of guys/gals who enjoy gaming. Play with like minded individuals who have answered the call offline. Enlist today, slap on the USMG clan tag and answer the call online today! A mic is a must! 21 and over! If you cannot be active in our forums, please do not apply. USMG Features: •Unique game rosters •Monthly awards with real world prizes •Our site puts you at the doorstep to major gaming websites •We do our part by supporting real charities that benefit the men and women in uniform •An active forum area discussing the latest games •Members required to have a mic •Access to mature gamers on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 •Leadership positions available Due to civilian inquiries, the USMG will begin civilian intake for a specialized Blackwater unit. Applicants must be mature and possess a microphone. Must be active in the forums as well. Looking for upbeat and motivated operators to augment the military members. A civilian moderator will be chosen to head this unit based upon qualifications. Future games include Modern Warfare 2, [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising], Borderlands, Battlefield Bad Company 2, MAG, GRAW 3, and other shooters. Taking applications now! A mic is a must! 21 and older! U.S. Military Gamers
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