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  1. sorry, i just wanted to show what your skins look like on female chrs. i didn't want to offend somebody, but please iclude some female specialists, please.
  2. we need more women in gr I am sure you meant no harm, but please do not use other modders work without seeking their approval first. Images removed.
  3. got it working in all its glory on my pc. downloaded the mac version and converted all the files with text strings from mac to dos format. converted the aif files to wav (used awave because goldwave didn't convert all files properly) and deleted the sniper skin which wasn't readable and voila i'm at mission 9 right now and no problems so far. some great missions. i esp. liked the first ones.
  4. did i miss something? but the strings.txt and kit icons are missing.
  5. deleting the save files from all involved mod folders cured the problem for me. i assume it's the *.csf_bin file which causes the problem.
  6. the new one is more close to the original colors, but it sucks ingame. rifleman multicam skin
  7. ahem... the last two are the same skin, shot from a different angle. the colors are more like the original pattern, but it doesn't blend very good with the environment ingame (grass and bushes, rock is ok).
  8. wich version do like more. these multicam rifleman 01 multicam rifleman 01 or the old ones?
  9. i can't remember, but i'm shure someone knows. this model had attachments for bandana, boonie and patrolcap. dtd has a susan with boonie in their team mod. but if i remember correctly it was kind of low poly, but it looked really cool.
  10. well, if i find the time i'll reskin the standard soldiers, but i'm not quite satisfied with the rifleman as of now and as eSkwaad said susan looks a bit flat. with my limited skills it will take a while, but i really love this camo pattern and the ones released so far don't come very close to the original. as i said before, it is extremly difficult (at least for me) to make this pattern look good ingame. but thank you for your encouragement. i only fear that these skins will be obsolete if someone, who knows what he is doing, releases his version. anyway, if you want to play around with it, heres susans skin. susan grey multicam skin material
  11. hope it works now. remember this is my first try at skinning, so don't be too harsh with me. susan multicam 01 susan multicam 02 rifleman multicam 01 rifleman multicam 02 rifleman multicam 03 rifleman multicam 04 remember these aren't high res skins. skins are 512x512 as i only got a 15" monitor at the moment.
  12. i see. i'll fix it tomorrow. got to run now.
  13. thank you for the tip. if time permits i'll change it, but what is this compared to your work... your chrs and skins look simply amazing.
  14. hope you like it. i used lexsis's vest for susan. rifleman vest was made from photos. any comments? mulicam is pretty difficult making it look good ingame. i think susan looks a lot better then the rifleman (i used less contrast on the wrinkles) and here some stuff i made for island thunder. note: i do this only for my own personal use as i didn't ask dtd or the other modders to use some of their stuff (borrowed susans and ibrahims vest from dtd (modified) and the susan model with bandana and boonie also isn't by me. if others feel offended please tell me and i remove the pics. maybe if you encourage me enough i will do versions only with original stuff.
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