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  1. I don't know what you mean by 'spec', it's not a term I used, and of those are your only criterion for measuring tactical realism, Call of Duty meets your spec in spades. If you're suggesting Ghost Recon = Call of Duty with a different paint job and that satisfies your 'spec', criterion, whatever -- so be it, but that's not a discussion or game design direction I'm interested in. Heck, your 'spec' is so vague, Coco is all there, and is fully up to spec -- perhaps your saying you really just want Ghost Coco in cammo lycra?
  2. I don't, won't, can't criticize or even blame the 'Devs' for anything... Debs? The Publisher ('Pubes'? ) however, more often then not deserves to feel as much heat as they get. Granted their money, business, and project to take in whatever direction they desire, and here's an outstanding example of going their own direction... But suggesting they shouldn't be criticized, even harshly when their desires and designs take a direction that goes off canon, off franchise, off genre, and *cough* even off planet -- seems a little unfair to enthusiastic would be Fans that are after all t
  3. Agree... The absence of mod support doesn't just obviate the interest of Gamers that like to create content, it, like the absence of a sever browser in a game like Siege obviates important tools for the Developer & Publisher: knowing (vs. guessing) what your Customers really want. If Siege had a server browser Ubisoft would know there are maps and game modes on maps that are concurrently rotated on all servers, that are a complete deal-breaker; everyone leaves, and play-share tanks for hours or even the rest of the day... Similarly there are deal breaking features (or absence of feat
  4. There aren't many 'little things' that I want as far as attention to detail; generally if a game gets essential design concepts right 'theater of the mind' lets me completely overcome and ignore the annoyances. Smaller critical things that are missing from far too many Ubisoft Clancy games are: · functional text mode or menu driven communication · realistic weapon performance that is at least consistent in terms of scale · no server browser alternative (an easy feature to code/add) · game features that are there to conspicuously 'milk' the player for money and grind time pla
  5. Well I finally got the sign in to work; buggy as a steaming pile in summer -- like everything Ubisoft... Maybe that's what 'Ubisoft' refers to? Viewed from the top there's a striking similarity to the logo... Cowinydink?
  6. Same experience here for the last two days... A sign of more of this level of qc to come in Wildlands?
  7. US version here: And regrettably everything SCAgent says and worse; this is so below the basement sophomoric -- I'd be embarrassed to buy it in a brick and mortar store without a hyper-active eight year old in tow. This reminds me of 'let's psyche up the retarded children' speed/spam hyper chase cut scene marketing crap from EA's Battlefield Hardline. The early beta was nicely executed with some very original game features (later considered too challenging for individuals with IQ's smaller then their shoe size) and nicely paced where robbery foot chases were difficult, tens
  8. Don't want to prejudice any of the judging, so I'll be obtuse... But ZeeAlex and pz3's work remind me of how cool it be cool if Ubisoft made (or licensed) a remake of Ghost Recon like many have suggested on these forums over the years. With modern render candy the actual game design would not have to be any more ambitious then what we already have, and with credible expansions and mod support I think we'd be set for another couple decades, and Ubisoft would again see more slow burn sales (and at a fraction of the cost I might add) from the original Ghost Recon game design, then the numbers sho
  9. There seems to be a substantial lack of enthusiasm and interesting discussion about Ubisoft realism games in general -- Wildlands specifically, here, on the Ubisoft forums, anywhere... Even looking at my own posts it's more about trepidation, what the game isn't, and disappointment in past Ubisoft Clancy endeavors since Ghost Recon and Raven Shield. And looking at the thin volume of FanBoy posts we do see it's more about crap that has nothing to with tactical realism, game design, or even FPS gaming in general -- it's about the kind of virtual Barbie & Liberace costumes pined for, Mall Nin
  10. Depending on the direction this goes TitanIM may warrant entries in both the Tactical Realism & Simulation section of the forums, because like ArmA and VBS, TitanIM looks like it may be headed in both directions. Information is scarce, the Outerra Engine engine is unusual, with unique capability and render features. Apparently they have military contracts already and are exploring some sort of commercial/consumer sandbox game product with wide open mod-ability...
  11. Wholly Crap! I remember reading about this, and has it ever come a long way; looks outstanding! Wish there weren't the RPG elements and a more explicit intention for mod support, but there's up-side on both -- Russian Developers put in an enormous amount of serious effort into the kinds of attention to detail that get largely ignored elsewhere, and as they acknowledge they'd like to support fan made content, and the game is on Unity which is quite accessible, and the Stalker games became progressively more mod-able with time and attention from Fans; it seems reasonable to be optimistic here!
  12. Coco, horrible mutant sex toy Coco, it's all I think of now when I look at screwy upside down Ubisoft games... It's like an alternate reality, a bad dream, mistakes were made, things went wrong, and now we have Coco Recon...
  13. Tomboys are hands down the coolest! My future wife:
  14. You! are a fun & funky young lady! Not many women (young or old) are interested in or attracted to shooters, no less realism, no less serious tactical realism games. How did you end up here young lady?
  15. Perhaps I was a little (very little considering how Ms Coco was ordered a press conference for this event) insensitive, as I am an animal lover, dogs and horses especially... But holly crap does this sort of 'news' give me a massive dose of cognitive dissonance...
  16. This is certain to be a lot for Ghost Recon fans to handle, but here goes... Coco in mourning... Full article here... [i All buy herself! A lifetime achiement! This horrible news is sure to uhm, choke up a lot of Ghost Recon fans... That can't hold down the inevitable gag reflex...
  17. One thing that continues to surprise and even stun me at times is the almost complete lack of hard information about Ubisoft (finger quotes) "realism" games. Look back to the reports of the Original Ghost Recon on this site, I belive there are still a lot of good examples still here in the Reconnaissance section to see what I mean; there's actual discussion of game design, game features, and game technology. No one was deluded from thinking Ghost Recon was anything other then 'a game' and a really good one. Compare that with Ubisoft's approach since Raven Shield where they increasingly,
  18. Well said! I'd add that it's the things with the most potential to impress also have the most potential to disappoint. To some extent I'm trying to over correct in negative anticipation to avoid repeat of past disappointment -- Ubisoft's marketing is very misleading, and is a big part of the problem that can't be helping their sales any...
  19. I really want you to be wrong, I want to be wrong -- but that is the way it looks... We even could be wrong but now with the all too familiar news blackout with 'we're not discussing that at this time ' slippery speak it's looking more and more like another one just like the other one where we're due for another neck-down, broken, kiddie toy that appeals to the lowest common denominator... I'd love for Ubisoft to pull a bunny out of the hat and deliver; even on 1% of the hype and it could be an impressive game. But coming from a top-down company that mismanages it's own stock issue and
  20. Happy Birthday Rocky & Many More! Thank you for all you do, and keeping the spirit of tactical realism gaming alive!
  21. I wish we knew more, what I see doesn't look like state-of-the-art nav-mesh autonomous AI, but that doesn't mean that's not what they're doing. I really hope there's more information forth-coming about actual game design, but it looks like the game's development is in crunch mode and all 'Ubisoft is talking about ' are marketing talking points...
  22. I hope there will be some manner of 'commo rose', pie menu or even old fashioned flat communications menu in Wildlands for those of us that either can't, won't or don't want to use VOIP for a litany of reasons. The are many Gamers, serious and casual, that will not use VOIP -- Siege is a case in point with less then 10% of active players communicate on VOIP (for good reason). Unfortunately some players newer to tactical realism gaming assume that someone that doesn't use VOIP is not a 'team player' -- which in many cases couldn't be further from the truth. For many, VOIP is simply not an
  23. Wholly Crap This Is Epic! Just the size of the download: bigger then the game and its official expansions combined by three orders of magnitude! The commitment, labor of love, man hours spent building this without the 'official channel ' of recognition and that hundreds of hours people will spend playing this without million dollar ad campaigns to psych them up to make that effort it is testament to what's offered here. Needs a sexy ModDB page with well composed screen shots that conveys the long legs, reach, and atmosphere Ghost Recon still has. Simply Amazing!
  24. Another thing Ubisoft doesn't appear to be 'talking about ' much is Wildlands AI. I hope that like coop seeming to be quick and dirty solution to address Ubisoft's apparent refusal to do anything about the horrible networking, cms, and mms middleware the company has strapped it's games to for the last decade -- that the 'Drug Cartel' theme is not a similar cover for the same old, poorly executed, ghetto path-node AI that seems to roll little more then 'zerging ' zombie robots. It will be a real eye-roller if Ubisoft rolls a 'zombie dlc expansion ' -- if they go that far with the derivat
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