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  1. LOL, well said! It' an unfortunate crass marketing fact that the data shows that women dressed like porno toys, puppies, and kitties are the things that do the best job at cementing a brand in people's mind -- pretty yucky exploitation stuff. I'm more discouraged that we're seeing so little in-game video... After watching that BigFryTV video again that got posted here by someone a few months back, and a few others in his channel, I realized a lot of the criticism this guy has is valid. Initially most of this went past me as I was distracted ogling the game's render candy, by BigFry's ove
  2. I'm fairly sure I'm not '###### that Ubi isn't catering to my specific needs' or any thing else '######'... Neither do I have any 'needs' with respect to Ubisoft or their products; if Ubisoft went out of business tomorrow-- nothing in the world meaningful or substantial would change... At this point I just find this company its gaffs and soap opera drama more entertaining then what they produce. 'Engagement' was their pitch, not mine -- you think it's not important; tell them! I'm just pointing out that not only do they stink at it, without anything in the way of mod support it's fairly
  3. Even sadder is a company with the resources of Ubisoft, that can't seem to do anything else, tries emulate the success of others (and fails), has original ip that set the standard for a genre and was enormously successful -- and ignores that fact...
  4. Unfortunately far too many game publishing executives are not connected with their customers, or even play games. That's not to say they can't play a role in running a more efficient company or managing the production of a big budget game more effectively -- but this usually translates to bureaucratic busy work in the management of people, budgets and schedules. It would seem that the only venue where people play decisive and effective roles in game development from the bottom up is in independent publishing/development -- and of course mod and total conversion development where everythin
  5. What question? I don't think there's any doubt that Ubisoft has talented developers. But after years of red ink, a terrible track record of support issues across all platforms, more red ink, multiple nominations for the GoldenPoo award, negative write ups in the game press, review media and financial press, executives indited for trade fraud, creepy Coco advertising, bizarre desperate 'pleas to their fans for support ' against hostile takeover by Vivendi, share holder meetings that are the laughing stock of publicly traded game companies -- this is one of, if not the most dysfunctional an
  6. This probably isn't a revelation to anyone here, but it just occurred to me (I'm slow sometimes), that without mod support there is no meaningful 'engagement ' between developer and fans of a game -- there can't be, and the absence of mod support completely obviates it. The marketing version of 'engagement ' only engages would be customers passively; me the publisher telling you the customer what we're going to make and why you should like it. Sure there's feed-back, but as everyone has seen; the disorganized flood of would be fan input is not an interactive engaging discussion; you're a
  7. Well that guy! Honestly is the best pally a Ghost Recon fan could have, but not for that reason! The reason or reasons are right here! Best game fans site ever you!
  8. LOL yes! That's why I said 'sounds like' and 'might actually have played ' -- as I don't know anything about Ms. Ronnie Boss -- she might be god's gift to that franchise or it's worst nightmare... However, since Ubisoft has become so much more 'engaging' with the Ghost Recon audience, and is all about 'engagement' -- we know everything there is to know about them, the game, and their involvement. Right?
  9. Yes an executive that sounds like she actually knows what she's talking about, and might even play and understand the games she's selling -- rare! Imagine for a moment if what Ubisoft has been doing relentlessly with Ghost Recon (and expecting a different result) were done in any other industry: A cute erudite executive suggests the brand of beer that her company has produced for over 200 years is now going to appeal to an even larger audience because now, wait for it; they're going to make it taste like orange juice! She's so excited about it, and you should be too! And by the way neithe
  10. Yes it's maddening, and I must escalate: military personal are some of the lowest paid, hardest working, and most professional people on the planet -- and they risk/sacrifice everything. Tom Clancy was a decent writer that properly conveyed this in his novels and I believe this is part of what made his books so successful; the realistic portrayal of military personal both in work-a-day life, and under the most punctuated, demanding and stressful circumstances a human being can be confronted with. A lot of it was idealistic to be sure, but that's what gets young people to take one of the most d
  11. Ya, more like tokens of my gullability in Steam and Uplay... Little things that would help make Wildlands work for...anyone (in order of importance): · net code that works · a server browser · AI that isn't a marching line of zombies · no more DRM disguised as an MMS · PC centric settings · no MMS on PC I know good luck, wrong game...
  12. Well someone's gotta be the unloved contrarian and I guess that's gotta be me... I bet the budget for producing this bit of... marketing cost more then a lot of games cost to produce; certainly more then the original Ghost Recon. Thank goodness Wildlands is finished and the most polished game Ubisoft has ever produced that will finally deliver on all promises -- so this was money well spent on advertising... Right? Never mind that just about everything in it is off canon with Tom Clancy's writing and the original Ghost Recon game: with emphasis on histrionic narrative and character acting
  13. Alex you are right! ArmA 3 has sold over three million, the mod payload available for the ArmA games/sims (that is portable across all versions of the game due to iterative engine design) now measures in petabytes, and as a side note this hasn't put a dent in BI's sales of expansions which are from my last read on that subject at near parity with the original game's sales beating Ubi, Activision and EA smartly with regard to DLC sales on their un-modable games. Even though the core sim-like design of ArmA may not appeal to some; most realize it's one of the most outstanding values in PC g
  14. Nailed it! It's keen insights and erudite posts like this that make this forum such a gem! Not just depth of game play and feature sophistication, but the cost and sophistication of the code that goes into modeling all the detail of racing sim physics, suspensions, traction, power, surface effects and the render detail of these games really pushes the envelope as well... I never bought the argument that Ghost Recon (Original Flavor) is niche game design, with niche appeal -- the slow burn sales for the original Ghost Recon have surpassed many of the Call Of Duty games, and the online play
  15. I don't think anyone is "seriously distrought", or even distraught... Seriously disappointed, maybe... After nearly twenty years of seeing a substantial and obvious void in game design that was enormously popular (and very lucrative for Ubisoft) with the very talented studio that clearly knows how to deliver because they created the genre -- for most that like Ghost Recon and R6: cognitive dissonance is probably most apropos... Not everyone has the resources of talent, time, or money to be able to work on games -- but there are excellent slow burn indie projects, superb mods by Lightspeed
  16. I'm sorry I sort of took this sideways with Ubi's epic Coco distraction ("Don't look there! Never mind the game is unplayable; look it's Coco!"), but Proximity_13 makes some fine points. I think The Division is one of the more ambitious games Ubisoft has underwritten, and like Proximity_13 I'm very impressed by the engine. Snow Drop offers an impressive renderer with even more impressive art assets, that's surprisingly polished and glitch free considering all the other crap the game has to haul and is called on to do. That's about where it ends for me; it's aesthetically lush, immersive
  17. I believe if you look at the context (in several posts) where I used 'would be fans' you'd see I'm not merely referring to myself, but Tactical Realism Fans that pretty much think it's over for Ubisoft and tactical realism gaming, and give their time, attention and money (to the tune of billions in USD) to Developer/Publishers like BI and the independents like New World Interactive, Haggard Games, Offworld Industries Ltd. -- et al... I'm not sure what features you seem to believe are my 'wants for the game' that don't fit into 'Ubi and the Devs -- best bang for the buck approach ' -- in f
  18. Great book! I don't disagree with what you're saying, but would point out that in many cases game design has not merely devolved to appeal to the lowest 'common ' denominator, as even a reasonable measure of 'common denominator' is a more elevated standard then what we are seeing; it appears design standard has gone considerably lower -- to 'lowest denominator ' of appeal ostensibly to 'encompass the largest audience possible ' as part and parcel of AAA design aims. Some of the marketing weenie speak from these companies spokes-holes even say as much; though in verbose, jargon laden recitation
  19. Not sure what you're saying there -- but by way of example Mod Developers have exposed exploits in Steam DRM to Valve that has improved not just the security but the performance of Steam DRM... The same is true of BI, their DRM, and third-party Battleeye anti-cheat system... While this isn't necessarily an outcome achieved through the mod tools themselves, it's because of the kind of talent and audience these games, their Developers, and the tools they offer attract -- because these games offer mod support. While a dollar figure could be assigned to a single spin-off of this kind might on
  20. I apologize for the digression from your original topic; but think it's important and you guys invited it. Though Publishers will defend the un-modability of their 'game products' profusely with with some of the things you mention, closer examination shows it's corporate ineptitude and lassitude almost every time. The most typical objections include: · cost of third party tool licensure is prohibitive · the tools are too complex for 'stupid gamers' to understand and use · the tools would 'expose' the game to exploit or piracy All of these objections have been handled and are demo
  21. I like both as there are limitations in terms of realism for both perspectives, and both have veracity in a serious tactical realism game. 'First person' is a bit of a misnomer -- as it's really not first person; those aren't your hands on the screen, and just as many others get more of a sense of immersion from one perspective as the other... Functionally we don't have the FOV or distance vision in games we have in the real world -- regardless of game perspective: you can turn your eyes and back, and notice things far into your peripheral vision in the real world in a fraction of the tim
  22. Or soul switch and become a cartel member and use realistic cartel interrogation and torture to make an example out of the errant gringos?
  23. Unfortunately, you are right. And the 'generational' disposability of the Tom Clancy games, in a genre that can least afford this approach speaks volumes to what's become so disappointing about them, where they're reinventing the wheel constantly, and throwing it away, and starting over... Say what you want about the Call Of Duty series of games, and if it were anything negative it would probably be true, but at least the same engine and a lot of content gets repurposed, game features that work and are liked are kept -- features, content, code that doesn't work gets dumped, and real mean
  24. Fixation?! With mutant objectified nightmare porno toy bad science project Coco? You bet I am! Fixated like on a bad car accident, or a YouTube zit popping video you can't look at or look away from! It just amazes me that Ubisoft would spend what that video had to cost to make, instead of putting it into the game that so badly needed it. Hey, Rocky, look! Outside your window, there's someone to see you! I don't think I'll ever get tired of rubbing Ubisoft's face in this. There have to be women that work there (and even a few self-respecting guys) that are pretty disappointed.
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