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  1. Hessian is another free Korean game, this time a TPS on UE3 -- it's nice looking and has a high contrast almost cell shader look to the art... From some of the BoobToob video it looks to to be on the low side of spammy for this kind of game, which is also a positive. Supposedly it was geard for a rollout in Japan and Korea this Summer with plans for Western Europe and North America sometime this Fall/Winter -- but there are rumors of financial woes and publishing deals falling through... Anyone knows more, it would be neet to hear about it...
  2. Hardly shocking based on what we've seen from Ubisoft; it looks like it must be total loony tunes work culture...
  3. 101459

    GR Servers?

    Well if you have the final patch on the game, and you had both IT and DS enalbed you should be able to connect; never heard of anyone having issues connecting to AEG -- unless they were doing server maintainence...
  4. 101459

    GR Servers?

    AEG has had a server up for, years @ It runs only vanilla GR, IT, and DS maps, to keep things compatible for more Players I reckon, and seems to have attentive Admins that set the server to COOP when there's not a lot of traffic, and to the various vs modes when things are busier. All the Fellers I've played with there are nice though some don't speak much English...
  5. Am I the only Ghost Recon Fan that finds Ubisoft's sexpolitation use of Women Spokes Models ala Developers, Writers, etc. a little, uh, creepy? They're all bright and very pretty; but anyone that hasn't suffered massive head trauma can memorize and even take it to the next level and make a capable PR presnetation for a paycheck. Do any Ghost Recon Fans honestly get a sense that anyone visible at Ubisoft has any investment in Ghost Recon beyond seeing it as a job? To me, at it's best, it just looks like somewhat convincing acting and use of pretty people (agian) to sell 'product'... Thank Re
  6. While industry Pundits and the Press are criticizing and even laughing at Ubisoft's preposterous 'DRM Strategy' -- my experience working at big media company and exposure to the PR department has left me wondering at something that hasn't been discussed here, or elsewhere regarding Ubisoft's statements. Considering the ridiculous remarks by Max Béland and others at Uibsoft claming that always-on DRM is "vital" to their business and continuing their investment in the PC platform (after it had been hacked/cracked) -- one has to wonder if either these executives are completely out of touch wi
  7. I'm completely indifferent to the GR:FS delay as it will be the first thing with a Ghost Recon on the label I won't be buying for any platform, and I usually buy for all platforms (PC, Xbox, PS3, PSP) if there's any content/product differentiation... I could be motivated to reconsider if Ubisoft changes it's position and plans for the kind of DRM it intends to roll on the title, but how likely is that really? Consider how confounding, bizarre, and arrogant Ubisoft's position and presentation are in the context of how many times they've profoundly screwed-the-pooch (at enormous cost), a comp
  8. Ditto; and to amplify these points consider; while Ubisoft obviously has enormously capable Developer talent, it's blatantly obvious that Business and Marketing have been increasingly out of touch with their Customers and where they're steering both products and the company for some time -- this makes itself evident across the Ubisoft corporate, product and customer contact presence in a multitude of ways: · lack of focus in virtually every venue of publishing, marketing, and development · bizarre, inept, and blatantly leading marketing campaigns · horrible Customer Service · conspic
  9. For that to be a valid statement you need to qualify 'better product'; if you mean morally better to own then to steal I agree; if you mean better as far as function and quality, that quite simply is just not the case for far to many paying Ubisoft Customers. I don't know how anyone could disagree with the complaint that paying a small fortune for an 'AAA' Clancy title only to find that the DRM makes the game unstable or completely unplayable -- defective; your good fortune with a particular product's DRM doesn't invalidate someone else's bad fortune... Any objective sense a 'better'
  10. Yes, I think you're right the games have deifnately jumped the shark as well, in a tutu -- and that wouldn't matter if they weren't still wearing the Ghost Recon, and R6 monikers... Who's responsible at Ubisoft for turning RSE's masterstrokes into pewp is anybody's guess, I'd like to think Developers and Desingers are too smart to take things this far down the hill -- but who know...
  11. It seems to me Ubisoft PR jumped the shark (in a clown suit) long ago with respect to Thee Clancy franchise; the separation between marketing statements and actual product, the emphasis on 'features & benefts' totally bizarre for the genre like 'getting to know the characters' -- by way of example: is anyone honestly playing these games to 'emotionally bond' with game characters? I feature that what we see is what we get: a company that's virtually indifferent to to the content of Fan input or reaction, driven by a marketing department that recognizes any reaction as attention, and any
  12. As a paying Customer that has paid full-boat for every Clancy title at release (some purchased for more then one platform) what galls me is the general decline in Clancy 'franchise' game quality since Rogue Spear. Just recall how many features, game modes, maps, missions, the squad control and planning capability that was part and parel of the 'franchise' -- not to mention mod tools, dedicated servers, and patches that were at least an honest attempt to fix issues; and scabby/poxy DRM has only made the decline worse where people stealing the games actually have a better 'product experience'...
  13. Hey you Guyzez thanks! I came across some more interesting info in this Blues News post, and the Wiki article on GRIN references Might & Delight now as well... But I recall running across yet anohter GRIN spin-off much earlier that was neither Might & Delight nor BitSquid -- and I don't think was FatShark either, so maybe there's yet a fourth player. Would sure be keen if one of these GRIN expat companies were to roll a realism shooter...
  14. I know GRIN became financially insolvent and closed, but Bo and Ulf Andersson were making games since at least 1997 as far as I know, and it's difficult to feature two such talented guys have hung up their game development hats... Has anyone heard if there is or will be a Bo & Ulf GRIN2, or what these fellers are up to?
  15. While I don't think Unreal 3 is a BSP engine, it, and all the games that run on it sure look and feel like BSP engine games as far as scene complexity vs. draw distance. Every large U3 engine map (just like new id Software Tech engine games) is long and narrow, or in some kind of valley and/or has draw distance clipped by carefully placed near field objects. All great and fine for urban maps that have been the focus of games like R6, but Unreal 3 is not an true outdoor engine like the one under say Armed Assault I & II. So I definitely get the idea of a new engine for a game that might wan
  16. I don't want to 'mee too' this to death, but, seeing this is like the air going out of a balloon for me. I'll probably check the game out just because Tom's name (well I guess it's not really Tom's name anymore as Ubisoft owns it) is/was on it; but my enthusiasm to buy 'Clancy Brand' anything is shot; two iterations of the Future Warrior stuff was more then enough for me... I suppose one thing that could save the day and win my heart is if the mod and server support for the game set a new unprecidented standard (for Ubisoft), but what are the chances of that do you think?
  17. I may be mistaken, but Ubi certainly gives the appearance of a company where one hand isn't talking to the other, that has coasted on some very lucky IP aquisitions; their website and forums are always a mess of broken links and poorly integrated changes, their product marketing for the recent Clancy games has been very misleading, their PR initiatives bizarre, they hemorrhage good money after bad, and ignore successes. Ghost Recon sold an astounding number of copies; and while those may have been 'slow burn' sales over a long period of time that may not compare to blockbuster fast sell-thr
  18. What will happen to new Ubi games that are also sold on Steam? If this ends up anything like the headache with some games with Microsoft's Game For Windows Live (and other) DRM schemes that are also sold on Steam it will be a nightmare fraught with issues, and long waits for patches... What's more is it's likely some games Ubi will buy and/or publish will end up under multiple DRM systems -- what then? Bohemia Interactive has a good approach of per platform/distribution DRM, where only relevant rather then stacked DRM methods are applied for lower drag, better performance and fewer end Us
  19. I was just going to make a post asking about Ghost Recon servers via Steam. As there's currently no server browser that works and finds all active [GR] servers I was considering buying Ghost Recon again on Steam just to see if the Steam Server Browser finds Ghost Recon games. Does anyone know if the Steam Server Browser does this once you've purchased Ghost Recon on Steam?
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