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  1. Exactly, if it were a game I was actually excited about and looking forward to -- I could enjoy two years of suspense, and I'd be willing to pay even MORE for it. In this market I think Ubisoft could also make hay with a delay and capitalize with on it with good marketing. But I expect their model is churn oriented, they're a business with bills to pay and mouths to feed so this is what we get. As things are now, I'll probably wait till this goes on sale as there are games that are a lot more fun to play already in the wild, and more on the way. I'll just have to wait and look forwar
  2. Sorry, I disagree -- I don't think the co-op improves this game; if anything it just makes the game's warts and limitations more apparent with skilled players. Neither am I remotely impressed by simple zerg bot mechanics, this is not AI, it's path-node bot code -- and there's nothing sophisticated or 'tactical ' about spawning more angry stupid rambo bots because you tripped an alarm; it's a game mechanic over twenty years old... At its best Wildlands is comparable to 17 year old games like IGI or fourteen year old games like IGI2, with a little extra render candy and a lot less realism.
  3. A very good rant that reflects very favorably on Ubisoft as a good player in the game industry; very informative too if you don't follow this sort of thing and what's going on...
  4. It's probably no surprise; I agree with everything Alex and SCAgent are saying. The premise and approach Alex took is erudite, generous and an approach I like to read in good game journalism with carefully qualified expectations and remarks; she, like me seems to truly care about this game. I went in with a similar approach and a lot of hopeful skepticism that while this wasn't going to be Tom Clancy or Ghost Recon anything, even in spirit, at least like Siege it might have some really original hook that compelled me to like it irregardless of shortcomings. BigFryTV -- while a very annoy
  5. So Negative! Why don't you try making a game! From the ground up including a render back-plane -- while we're at this approach to ridiculous non-sequitur; why don't you become a doctor, and an astronaut while your at it! =O)
  6. Well the Duckman came through (don't worry it has a happy ending, but this is one ballsy duck): I have a beta three beta keys for Sniper 3 Ghost Warrior for whoever wants them -- just PM me and your gold!
  7. Ok If you give me one I'll donate all three of my Sniper 3 Ghost Warrior codes here as well...
  8. Love to have one Ducky, if you'd like a Sniper 3 code I'd be glad to send one your way!
  9. Nope, it's being called 'open beta' but is invite only. I did too, I approached it with realistic expectations; these guys were working with an entire project budget that Ubisoft would burn through in less then a day. Rough edges all over, you bet, but labor of love and attention to a lot of things that were firsts for budget games, and made the game fun in its day -- just worked. I haven't tried it yet but I think this one will be something special: CryENGINE® 3, lots of help from the people at Crytek (one of whom I know personally that has been there since get-go, and hav
  10. I've got some extra Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 beta test keys if anyone wants to trade -- betas run almost the same time....
  11. I was left out too, looks like we're both swimming it in... I think Ubisoft looks at their Uplay and Steam registers, see who pays, and rather then rewarding loyal customers with an opportunity to check out the new thing; belives they can bait you with the idiot market think that loyal customers will pre-order to get to a brown star beta prize -- and a free sticker you can wear on your forehead. As I write this I'm looking at the Wildlands ad thumbnail in Uplay, realizing they have their Mall Ninja silhouetting the sky, with a handgun, in a crouched baby's first paint ball pose, being tu
  12. Yes I would take care of ya, love your ArmA 3 GR mod, I owe ya big! But I don't even have a key for me, I think Ubisoft is gonna make me fight for it.
  13. OMG! Someone in the back, push him out of the boat, he can swim! =O)
  14. Thanks spikemtz... I think I recognize your avatar; Elite Warriors: Vietnam? That was a promising game: Ghost Recon inspired, sophisticated nav mesh AI, and Major Plaster consulting on the design. Unfortunately limitations of: tiny budget, the nFusion engine which while fairly impressive I think was the coding effort of just one person -- so overwhelmed and probably underpaid developer, but like Ghost Recon still fun today for what it is; albeit buggy.
  15. And why wouldn't I? Clearly you only selectively read, and interpret and see what you want to see in what I've posted to these forums... I've bought every Tom Clancy game Ubisoft has produced on every platform and commercial venue they've offered them on (so some I own more then once, or even twice) -- more out of deference to face time with the author, and love or what Red Storm accomplished. You're way off track mister, and out of line...
  16. Are people already being emailed with notifications? I registered for the beta application the day they made sign-ups available -- nothing received yet...
  17. I like take on the video over at Rock Paper Shotgun here, and the comments. RPS do a good job of realistically managing people's expectations... I think the enemy AI has the prospect for being the most disappointing; the 'deaf, dumb, and blind' comment mirrors exactly what I see in every video ad infinitum, and the comments of just about every reviewer that played the game at e3. Even if this game is Ghost Recon: Just Cause COOP, and I'd be okwith that, as I thought Just Cause would be a lot more fun as an objective based COOP game; but the Wildlands enemy AI looks just as bad, in fact w
  18. Well we disagree, I'm posting my opinion based on what I've seen in this video and others -- and I'm not alone or the first to mention these things, some that have played the game got me to notice this stuff. You may be right, Ubisoft might be holding out, and the game might be full of pleasant surprises that obviate the warts and eye sores -- I sure hope so. But my experience is that an enormous number of realism fans (tactical realism or not) that see this stuff over and over again in a game, because your exposed to it constantly and repetitively react far more negatively then I do
  19. I'm still skeptical, even cynical... I want to like this game, I will probably buy it, but for a game that is supposed to have been in the works for so long, and has had so much input, there are still glaring eye sores and 'gotchas' that haven't been a problem in any other games for over a decade and are just cringe worthy... Run this video at 1080p full screen, like you're playing the game and you'll see everything I'll mention here and a lot more... The VO and voice direction is terrible... It's cheesy, poorly written, with way too much useless patter, over acting, and histrionics that
  20. Ok, this is happening, I'm going to say something nice about an Ubisoft game post OGR\SOAF\R6 Raven Shield: the weapon Foley actually sounds decent; it's not the near-field over modulated arcade crap we hear in so many action realism shooters... There are some obvious flaws and ear sores in terms of realism: weapon handling sounds are way too loud relative to discharge, relative sonic scale between weapon and their real world ROF is off, and some of the harmonic motion you get firing a real weapon full-auto is obviously absent (this requires a special trick only known by a few elite Sound
  21. "Baby's first airsoft team trying to look cool!" Nailed It! I could even live with four men vs. if it wasn't vs. six regiments of zombie soldiers... Four men doing a covert infil op, as part of an extraction (I think an entire asymmetrical game design could be built around extraction), sabotage, or god forbid reconnaissance... The ab-use of Ghost now as the noun Ghosts has headed in to eye roller territory too along with the idiotic narration and voice acting in the last games including (sadly) GRAW, and they've covered the full on 'rainbow' territory now from: bombastic sports caster, fr
  22. Starring Coco?! Om My Gush! *Slobber* Moar Narrative... By all means Ubisoft please don't show us the game, tell us more about the game, or offer more "transparency" or "engagement" -- just more obtuse narrative, focused exclusively on the aspects would be fans and customers care about the least; well except for the Coco appearance, Alex and I are really excited about that!
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