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  1. A great guy...a great leader and a great innovator for TAW and GRAW. With this passing an icon does as well in both the GRAW community and TAW. Condolences to the family and all those who's life he has touched. Ride on Bob...Ride on. /Cherry [CC SC] The Art of Warfare
  2. Been a while I know....played this the other night with Rahn and the TAW Crew...good stuff as usual John. Hope all is well with you and yours...wishing you a happy holiday season as usual. Colonel cherrylanekilla Operation Support | DivisionCommander The Art of Warfare Premier international onlinegaming community offering structured gaming while holding paramount honor,friendship, loyalty, fair play and community.
  3. We're in... Team Name: =X2F_TAW= TAW_Cherry Zero Let the games begin
  4. Played well, as usual without those...fixed. I'll keep digging. ...and John, No worries -- take care of the real world. I got your back.
  5. Yes, This is a solid map...for the size I couldn't find any issues what so ever.
  6. Well, I've not seen any ladders but there may be. The lack of GRAW2 to export stats automatically is a major hurdle. As far as leagues, TAW has a GR division and there are numerous others you can see in the server lists... It'd be great to get something like this going...and include this tournament some how. c
  7. The Art of Warfare Ghost Recon Division Winter Wonderland 2v2 Tournament Rules of Engagement: Teams (consisting of two (2) people) will compete by playing the videogame Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 on the PC platform in an online match using the standard rules/game settings as listed below. The winning team will be the team that accumulates the most points at the end of the match. THIS IS A DOUBLE ELIMINATION - BRACKET FORMAT CONTEST. Two Rounds. Round 1 will consist of a TDM map/style. The Championship round will be a straight forward HH map/style. Game Server: =TAW= Coop Rahn's Mod 3.0 Server (Rahnman's Mod v_3.0 required) TeamSpeak3: TAW Team Speak 3 Ghost Recon Alpha and Bravo channel (each match will consist of two (2) teams plus administrator/observer). If there is a tie, there shall be a five minute over time, if there is a tie at the end of that, whoever got the first kill in the overtime wins. Game Settings & Specifications: Maps Round 1: tdm_heavy_down Championship Round: hh_the_sniper_city Server Settings Game Mode: TDM/HH Kit Restriction: Rahnman's Mod 3.0 server_settings type="tdm"> <match_length value="40"/> <max_deaths value="3"/> <max_players value="3"/> <round_length value="35"/> <spawn_time value="12"/> TWO STEP REGISTRATION: I. Register in the data base Register Now II. Register your team in the official Bracket ENTER TEAM INTO BRACKET HERE Tournament Start Date: 29 December 2010 Tournament End Date: 19 January 2011 If you have questions or comments, Please visit us for more information and a roster of Division Command Staff. This tournament is for TAW and non-TAW members alike. Come join the fun.
  8. we have a GRAW 2 tournament starting very soon.

    Check out http://taw.net/...

    then go to divisions...

    then to the lower " play with us" link for more information.

    See you soon.

  9. there are many clans out there...google GRAW 2 clans..you'll see many. TAW_cherry [PIO] http://taw.net/
  10. *Name of the clan: TAW [The Art of Warfare] *From where (country): World..anywhere. *What is the general spoken language: English *Clan - Homepage: http://taw.net/ *Clan frontman: Depends on what game/division. *What Voice-com used : Teamspeak3 * XFire: yes * What games played :Multigame clan. Check website. * Servers in use: over 30 For over a decade TAW has been refining online gaming. With over 1000 members, we stand as one of the few, mature and structured clans available.
  11. AWESOME, welcome back to the Mod Circle....
  12. This is truly a phenom! Well done. Not only a versatile map, but a great map for team or lone wolf. The mix of snipers and ground AI is well balanced as well as the timing of spawn is very comfortable but aggressive. Well Done - GOLD STAR
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