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  1. This would be absolutely awesome, I think we definitely need to go back to the jungle there have been too many desert/urban environment games recently. You need to be a writer for some of these games. That said I think it should be done sometime around 05 or 06, use a different unit than the Ghosts this time (just because the game bears the name doesn't mean you have to use the exact same unit). The lead protaganist should be player created (face,gear, etc.) And please God no FPS, stick to third person.
  2. I respectfully disagree with almost everything, first how can do you equate a cover system with the word "arcade"? Having served briefly in the army I can tell you one of the first things you learn in basic training is the concept of cover/concealment, the different types of cover, different ways of taking cover, how to approach, etc. It is an essential element of any semi-realistic shooter. Besides you don't have to uses the cover system in the game if that is not your preference, but don't take it away for everyone else. Also I certainly don't want to see this game as an FPS, I would be very reluctant to buy it if they went in that direction. To me the FPS genre is both way overdone and also very unrealistic. You basically have no peripheral vision and are forced to completely turn your body to see what the hell is going on. Plus I like seeing the player model on screen, it creates more of a connection. (I would actually like if you could customize the gear in single-player.
  3. I agree with everything except General Martin. He adds a sense of urgency to missions in the game which are based on rapidly changing events on the ground. I mean you basically have the top General sending you into the most sensitive trouble spots in a rapidly evolving operation. Plus he's voiced by a great actor. I can see how he wouldn't be necessary if they go with a decidedly more covert feel as the "Predator" name might suggest.
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