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  1. wow....just checking in since I havent been on in....9 months, but holy crap @ this thread still being up, good job everybody!
  2. Bowling for Columbine, like all of michael moore's documentaries, are very one-sided, almost completely untrue, and rely on bold subject matter to hide it's misgivings. am I the only one who thinks it must be shocking for the families of the deceased to see re-enactments of this event on TV?
  3. Is it me who finds it ironic that "advocates for the mentally ill" got this ###### off over a teddy bear?
  4. hmmm...its alright, just the same pic of Faye rotated and transparencied, and the border doesnt work on the bottom.
  5. yeah...fox news. We all kow they're telling the truth.* *fox news is the most conservative broadcasting company in america, owned by Richard Murdock, one of the most conservative "philanthropists" in America.
  6. a little boring and no border, and the text is forced. Could be alot better with that theme.
  7. 7/10...I don't know, I just don't really like the images in it.
  8. 6/10...too distracting, and I don't see your name anywhere.
  9. hm, wow, glad to see this thread is still going. Nice sig, like the text. but too minimalistic. 7/10.
  10. Yeah, I'm back....who remembers me? just looking in the gen. off topic, looks like not much has changed.
  11. okay, rate the color of the posting area above you!!!! This'll be such a great thread!
  12. coming from he who started the other 2 "above you threads" ^coming from one of the top posters in both of them^ and hey, at least mine had a purpose, this is just plain silly.
  13. uh, this is kind of a stupid theme, if you ask me.
  15. and he always has someone watching genndy tartarosky(sp?) cartoons, i.e. Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff girls, etc.
  16. um...its already finished being made, haven't you seen the trailer?
  17. well doesn't your name once imply that you made it?
  18. ah yes. We have some high quality cut, Dannik. Our place has lines going out the door two or three times a day.
  19. my first and current job is a barista at Papaccino's coffee, a local joint.
  20. um...its good....but why is your name twice? lol
  21. game-tester...gah, thats the one job I don't want... good luck anyway.
  22. that just means I have a problem with the sig, not the person. jeez. Don't expect to get completely positive comments on everything, not too many people do.
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