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  1. Hello GR.NET !! I played GR1 back in the day for many years and carried on with GRAW2 on the 360 which I also played for a long time. I still think GRAW2 is a hell of alot better than the majority of fps out to this day because it can involve team work and tactics. I would like to see: Customisation of weapons scopes, attachments, grips possible double mags just things to make you feel abit more special forces. I did like the different head gear you could choose in GRAW2 but I would like to see it go abit further with the player being able to choose webbing, assault vests, combat armour, fatigues, t-shirts and clothes in general to once again give you abit more of a special forces feel. Oh and being able to choose some hardcore special forces beards would be nice Like suggest before I would like to see the sniper rifles sorted out running and gunning with a .50 rifle was shockingly unrealistic. I would not like to see: Those damn sensors from GR1 and drones from GRAW2 because for me it really brought the game down to the same level as COD, I really don't see the fun in knowing exactly where the enemy is. I personally didn't like the direction Ghost Recon went with the Advanced Warfighter bit with all the technology. I'd like to see it stripped down to good ol' fashioned soldiering, no drones, no mules, just gritty realistic firefights. Oh and to edit this bit in on single player I really enjoyed what GR1, GR2 did with being able to use multi-national special forces soldiers not to be disrespectful but I'm getting increasingly bored with having to play US forces all the time I play a war orientated game.
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