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  1. No I just use the maps off Graw2.net. And why can,t they join after I have chosen my weapons?? I join in the middle of games all the time.
  2. I need to ask a question I dont know if anyone can answer. When i create a campaign on the GRAW2 server I always leave the anticheats box unchecked and I never put in a password so that anyone may join. Inevitably several times during every game the "xxxxx has joined the game" message pops up, then several minutes later I get "xxxx has left the game". Am I doing something wrong at startup that won't let people in? thanks greg
  3. Alright you bright young minds this fossil needs your help. Please keep in mind that I can manage to turn on my pc and get Graw2 started and play it. Other than that I am an idiot on computers. I really love playing the maps that you guys make, however I would love to upgrade my weapons kits, after all I'm Scott Mitchell and I have been killing bad guys for years right. So I would love to start a mission with my weapon of Choice which in this case is the scar l, however I want a silencer on that puppy because I don't want every enemy within a mile knowing where I am from the first shot I fire, I also want one on my mp55 backup weapon. I want scopes on both of them, because I would rahter take out the two or three bad guys on the corner from two blocks away rather than try to sneak down their shorts before I try to kill them. I'm a Ghost I don't even want them to know I am around before they die. The third thing I would like to have is more ammo clips, I mean when I go into one of rats hardcore missions by myself I would like to beat it with as few deaths as possible and killing three hundred baddies with 150 rounds of ammo is impossible. I'm not looking for 300 clips, just about ten or twelve. Lastly i would love a half dozen grenades, you know for emergency purpose. anway I have done searches and what I find is way over my head. Would anyone out there be wiling to help me out from step one all the way to the Ok now it's time to play stage. I sure would appreciate it. Thanks Greg
  4. One thing I would like to see is better weapons kits. After all we are Ghosts. I want the ability to put a silencer on all my weapons,I don't want every enemy within a mile of me knowing right where I am from my first shot, also scopes for all weapons. I would rather kill 3 or 4 enemies on the corner from a block or two away rather than have to try to slip up within 10 feet of them to kill them, also more ammo clips. per weapon. As much as i agree with the one shot one kill theory it doesn't always work I really dont understand why you have a mission with two or three hundred enemies and only give you ghost 150 rounds of ammo.Lastly every kit should includ 3 or 4 grenades for emegency purposes thanks greg
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